BYD unveils new electric family SUV: The SEAL U

  • BYD unveils family-oriented electric SUV, BYD SEAL U, for European markets.
  • Notable features include cobalt-free Blade Battery (500 km range), premium cockpit & advanced safety.
  • Available in Comfort and Design configurations from February 2024, starting at 42,000 euros, with a robust warranty package.

BYD to introduce electric family SUV, the SEAL U

BYD, a major electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, is rolling out the BYD SEAL U—an all-electric SUV designed for practical, family-oriented driving in the European market. Positioned within the D-segment, this SUV focuses on practicality, safety, and advanced technology. As an SUV equivalent of the BYD SEAL, it’s the third instalment in BYD’s Ocean Series with two trim levels and unique drivetrain configurations.

A notable feature of the BYD SEAL U is its cobalt-free BYD Blade Battery—a technological leap in safety, durability, and energy density. With a range of up to 500 kilometres, it addresses the primary concern of potential electric vehicle adopters—range anxiety.

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The BYD SEAL U’s interior emphasises a premium cockpit experience, featuring vegan leather, ambient lighting, and digital screens. The Intelligent Cockpit System elevates connectivity, offering smart features and remote functionalities through the BYD app.

SUVs are about practicality, so how does the SEAL U compare?

Beyond design and tech, the BYD SEAL U emphasises practicality with its spacious interior, accommodating rear passengers with ample legroom. The ability to fold down the rear seats in parts expands cargo volume, complemented by storage compartments, USB ports, wireless charging, and V2L capability—turning the SUV into a portable power supply for electronic devices.

With advanced driver assistance systems, full-LED lighting, and a panoramic camera providing a 360-degree view, safety is at the forefront. The Blade Battery undergoes stringent testing, surpassing the Nail Penetration Test’s requirements—ensuring robust safety standards in severe road accidents.

Offered in two configurations—Comfort and Design—the BYD SEAL U delivers noteworthy performance. The Comfort version, equipped with a 71.8 kWh battery, achieves a range of up to 420 kilometres. Meanwhile, the Design version, featuring an 87 kWh battery, extends the range to an impressive 500 kilometres.

The BYD SEAL U will debut in European markets in February 2024, with a starting price of €42,000. The extension of their EV range across Europe signifies the emerging success of BYD in the region. Over the past two years, the brand has catapulted onto the European market as a pivotal force, marking the rising commercial success of EVs globally. 

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