BYD brings EVs to football as the Official E-Mobility Partner for UEFA EURO 2024™

  • BYD’s historic partnership with UEFA EURO 2024™ spotlights NEV innovation globally.
  • Aiming for massive audience impact, the collaboration promotes early mainstream adoption of electric vehicles.
  • BYD’s championship presence emphasises sustainability, encouraging football fans toward greener mobility choices.

BYD takes on the early mainstream in Germany and worldwide at UEFA EURO 2024™

BYD, a rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has secured a monumental role as the Official Partner and Official E-Mobility Partner for UEFA EURO 2024™. This marks a historic collaboration that puts EV innovation in the spotlight for millions of football fans worldwide.

BYD’s cutting-edge electric car innovations will take center stage at UEFA EURO 2024™ venues and official fan zones. The exposure offers a prime opportunity to showcase the potential of EVs to a massive and diverse audience. The tournament is amongst the largest in the world. Overall, it’ll span ten stadiums in Germany from June 14 to July 14. 

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The worldwide coverage will provide a platform for BYD to emphasise emobility. They’ll have the chance to influence the early mainstream audience to consider emobility as a viable and exciting option.

Michael Shu, Managing Director of BYD Europe, expressed enthusiasm, stating:

“There are great synergies between our organizations. Like UEFA, we aim to inspire through positive and inclusive experiences, with a clear focus on goals. BYD is dedicated to making e-Mobility accessible to all, and as a partner of UEFA EURO 2024™ we look forward to presenting diverse and premium options with game-changing technologies to fans from all over the world, paving the way for a greener future for global sports events.”

Throughout the championship, BYD will provide diverse EVs for various stakeholders. BYD also plans to engage football enthusiasts and potential EV adopters with numerous events at its stores across Europe. They’ll offer a chance to win exclusive prizes and provide firsthand experiences with their innovative EVs.

Guy-Laurent Epstein, UEFA Marketing Director, acknowledged BYD’s pivotal role, stating, 

“We are excited to welcome BYD, a pioneering brand with a 29-year pedigree in advanced battery technologies with a reputation for global innovation in new energy vehicles and the world’s biggest electric car company, as a partner for UEFA EURO 2024. The partnership aligns perfectly with UEFA’s vision of promoting a greener and more sustainable European Championship by merging the excitement of football and UEFA’s commitment to environmental responsibility.”

As BYD’s commitment to sustainable development takes the spotlight at UEFA EURO 2024™, the partnership is set to leave a lasting impact on the perception of EVs. They’ll focus on encouraging football fans to embrace a greener and more sustainable future through the adoption of EVs. This is the second collaboration of this type we’ve seen of late, with Kia providing an EV fleet to the Australian Open this month. The growing scale of these partnerships, with massive global appeal, is a marker of the significance of emobility. It’s also a sign of manufacturers enticing and developing an active and engaged early mainstream audience. 

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