BYD and Alexander Dennis partnership delivers 1,500th electric bus

  • Electric bus partnership between BYD and Alexander Dennis has delivered its 1,500th electric bus, with this one being delivered to Go-Ahead London.
  • The London bus group has already taken delivery of over 500 such buses, on a mission to decarbonise the city’s bus routes.
  • The figure is an important milestone as towns and cities across the country begin switching bus fleets over to fully electric alternatives.

1,500 electric buses on the road

BYD has announced that in its partnership with bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis, it has passed the milestone of 1,500 electric buses handed over to customers.

The milestone was reached when Go-Ahead London received its latest zero-emission bus, which will be used on routes around the west London area. The bus is one of 577 delivered or on order to the capital. This large number has made it the biggest customer in the partnership, who received its first electric buses back in 2016.

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Once the number of electric buses delivered to Go-Ahead London hits 600, a figure expected to be reached this year, the company will reach another important milestone. This will mean that 25% of its total bus fleet will be fully electrified. The capital as a whole, has targeted a complete zero-emission bus fleet by the year 2034.

The electrified buses supplied by the partnership are available in both single and double-decker forms, which makes them suitable for the vast majority of routes within the capital.

This is a significant handover for all involved and Go-Ahead London is to be applauded for its commitment to electric bus fleets, setting an excellent precedent for eco-friendly public bus services. Climate change is upon us, and Go-Ahead London is showing customers that it is taking proactive steps to address this. The delivery of 1500 electric buses clearly reflects the benefits of zero-emission electric bus operations, and the role they play in reducing carbon pollution in our towns and cities. BYD has been dedicated to electric bus innovation for over a decade, and we are proud that our pioneering technology is contributing to the success of our electric bus partnership with Alexander Dennis in the UK. Together, we have been delighted to support Go-Ahead London with its electric bus fleet requirements.”

Frank Thorpe, Managing Director of BYD UK

Are other UK regions switching to electric bus fleets as rapidly?

The nationwide situation is a little less impressive, as around 2% of the country’s bus fleet was fully zero-emission, according to government statistics from 2021. The country may have a deadline set for the sale of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, but there’s nothing set in stone for buses just yet – although a government consultation did suggest a year somewhere between 2025 and 2032. With the average age of a UK bus coming in around 15 years, this could mean that non zero-emission buses continue to operate into the 2040s.

However, Go-Ahead’s Oxford Bus Company is also investing heavily in the switch to electric, with 104 fully-electric buses on order, the first of which will arrive later this year.

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