Buick commits to all-electric cars by the end of 2030

Buick is set to embark on a brand transformation that will fully electrify its lineup in North America by the end of the decade. This is being led by a new badge and brand identity. 

In support of General Motors’ (GMs’) vision of a zero-emissions, all-electric future, Buick, which is part of the GM brand will deliver its first electric vehicle (EV) to market for North America in 2024.

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Buick’s future electric vehicle products will carry the Electra name, drawing inspiration from the brand’s history.

Duncan Aldred, Buick and GMC global vice president, said:  “The Buick brand is committed to an all-electric future by the end of this decade. Buick’s new logo, use of the Electra naming series and a new design look for our future products will transform the brand.”

The new Buick tri-shield badge driving the brand towards an electric future

The new badge, which is the first significant change to the emblem since 1990, will be body-mounted onto the front fascia of Buick products starting next year. The old circular logo has been replaced with a sleek, horizontally aligned layout that builds upon Buick’s recognisable tri-shield. 

The redesigned columns of the tri-shield, which have roots in company founder David Dunbar Buick’s ancestral heraldry, incorporate fluid movements that will be found in future vehicle design.

Sharon Gauci, Global Buick and GMC Design executive director, said: “Our forthcoming products will adopt a new design language that emphasises a sleek, dynamic and forward-looking appearance.

“Our exteriors will incorporate fluid movements that contrast with tension to convey motion. Interiors will balance modern design, new technologies and attention to detail to evoke warmth and a rich sensory experience.”

To celebrate this new beginning Buick will reveal its new Wildcat EV concept electric vehicle (pictured below). It will illustrate the new global brand design language that will be noticeable in production vehicles going forward. The new Buick badge and design will debut on production vehicles starting next year.

The Buick Wildcat EV concept

In addition to the new badge, Buick’s revamped brand identity will also include new typography, an updated colour palette and a new marketing approach. Buick will update its physical and digital properties over the next 12 to 16 months.

The brand transformation will also include a more seamless connectivity experience, as new retail Buick vehicles in the US will include three years of OnStar and Connected Services Premium Plan. 

Services such as a remote key fob, Wi-Fi data and OnStar safety services will be included as standard equipment on the vehicle and included in the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting this month.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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