Bringing emobility to Bristol with 187 new EV charging points for the UK city

  • Bristol plans 187 new EV charging points with a £4.9 million initiative, starting in summer for strategic deployment.
  • Rollout focuses on community hubs and residential areas, promoting accessibility and sustainability.
  • Councillors stress urban challenges, supporting environmental sustainability in EV infrastructure transformation.

The city of Bristol to install 187 new EV charge points as part of a £4.9 million investment

Bristol is boosting its electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure by introducing 187 new charging points across the city. This initiative is part of a broader regional strategy. This entails investing over £4.9 million from the combined authority’s green recovery fund to install more than 300 charging stations across the South West by March 2026.

The rollout will kick off in the summer this year. It’s not merely about promoting eco-friendly transportation but also about addressing the practical concerns associated with EV adoption.

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Councillor Kye Dudd said: 

“The rollout will start in the summer and will focus on community charging hubs, destination charging at places like supermarkets, and on-street residential. The investment will mean more residents opt for electric vehicles.”

The strategic deployment of charging points is a key element in this plan. Bristol’s proposal includes 11 community charging points, 26 points strategically placed at busy destinations, and 150 on-street charging points. These on-street facilities are set to be affixed to lampposts or positioned on the pavement where feasible.

Councillor Don Alexander, cabinet member for transport, commented: 

“Electric vehicles will be part of the solution but we recognise there’s also some downsides in an urban context, particulates and congestion for instance.

We’re supporting this but are very mindful of the needs of people with disabilities and the need to keep footways clear for people who are not able to work their way around. I’ve seen one or two examples on social media of where charging points have gone in, in a way that hasn’t recognised the needs of people in wheelchairs. That won’t be happening here.”

This initiative aligns with broader environmental objectives, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting the adoption of electric vehicles that contribute significantly less to climate change. The comprehensive approach, encompassing community charging hubs and strategically located points at popular destinations, reflects a commitment to accessibility and user convenience.

As Bristol gears up for this significant transformation in its EV infrastructure, the city is navigating the complex intersection of environmental sustainability and urban practicalities. There are many practical challenges to consider when gearing a city up for EV adoption. Bristol is approaching the project with care and precision. The emphasis is on ensuring equitable and fair access for all of its residents. As city centres decarbonise globally, they must follow suit.

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