Bridgestone and Webfleet unveil the world’s first EV Services Platform

  • Bridgestone and Webfleet launch the first EV Services Platform, connecting fleets with key energy and mobility services.
  • The platform streamlines EV adoption, offering essential services for efficient global fleet electrification.
  • Webfleet enhances EV services, addressing challenges in investments and operational reliability.

The world’s first EV Services Platform: Connecting fleets with leading energy and mobility providers

Bridgestone and Webfleet have unveiled the world’s first EV Services Platform. This development signals a significant leap in the realm of fleet electrification. It offers businesses a streamlined approach to incorporating electric vehicles (EVs) into their operations.

The EV Services Platform acts as a nexus, connecting fleets with a diverse network of leading service providers in the energy and mobility sectors. The platform will facilitate the transition to EVs by providing businesses access to a range of crucial services. Among these services are energy management, battery analytics, fleet management, EV charging, and route planning solutions.

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Webfleet, Bridgestone’s established fleet management solution, plays a pivotal role as the launch partner for the EV Services Platform. Leveraging Webfleet’s capabilities, the platform aims to enhance EV services by delivering essential vehicle data insights to fleet managers. This collaborative effort will simplify the process of embracing electric fleets, providing a wealth of information for seamless electrification.

The platform adopts a modular structure, categorizing its services into six key pillars: Charging Hardware and Software, Smart Charging, Energy Management, Battery Analytics, Planning, and Fleet Management. Each pillar addresses specific aspects of EV operations, from establishing infrastructure to real-time vehicle data analysis.

Taco Olthoff, EV Program Director, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, explained:

“As businesses across the world step up to cut carbon emissions, electri­fic­ation is top of mind for many fleets,

But the route to electri­fic­ation comes with challenges – high investments, maintaining a reliable operation and optimising your business to increase range and cut costs. These issues can only be solved when the energy and mobility industry collaborate. For EV service providers the goal is to integrate in a scalable way to properly address the challenges fleet customers face.

Seamless data exchange is the missing link – the thing that unlocks the full value that energy and mobility service providers can deliver by integrating their systems much closer than ever before.

This is why our EV Services Platform is such a game changer. A fleet manager can, for example, get range information to allocate the most suitable vehicle to get a specific job done. This trip information can then be shared with their charging management provider to select which vehicle should be charged and when based on the required battery level and trip schedule.”

The Platform emerges as a response to the growing global focus on reducing carbon emissions. The platform addresses challenges tied to high investments, operational reliability, and cost optimization. By fostering collaboration between the energy and mobility industries, the platform aims to unlock the full potential of data-based services. As such, it will make EV adoption more efficient and accessible for fleets worldwide.

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