Breathe Battery Technologies appoints Laurent Cordonnier as Chief Financial Officer to lead next phase of company growth

  • Breathe Battery Technologies appoints Laurent Cordonnier, bringing expertise from Native Instruments and Deezer.
  • Focus on rapid expansion involves amplifying revenue, fortifying the team, and spearheading investment rounds.
  • Breathe’s adaptive charging software, in partnership with Volvo Cars, cuts charging times by up to 30%.

Laurent Cordonnier is the new Chief Financial Officer for Breathe Battery Technologies as the company stands on the brink of new business

Breathe Battery Technologies, a leading player in physics-based battery management software, has appointed Laurent Cordonnier as its new Chief Financial Officer. Cordonnier brings over two decades of strategic financial leadership. This is demonstrated by his time with tech giants Native Instruments and Deezer.

His mission at Breathe is to drive rapid expansion for the company. This involves amplifying revenue streams, fortifying the team, and spearheading forthcoming investment rounds. As battery technology becomes a significant field for growth, research and development, his role will be crucial to the company’s future success. CATL just recently announced the first EV battery with over 1,000 km range, so the competition is stiff.

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Laurent Cordonnier, Chief Financial Officer, Breathe said: 

“I am excited and honored to join the team at Breathe. The company’s commitment to innovation and its potential to significantly impact the automotive and consumer electronics industries is truly extraordinary. I look forward to working closely with the founders Ian, Yan, Greg and the entire team as we embark on the next phase of growth and continue to deliver on our promise of creating remarkable end-user experiences through software-defined batteries.”

Breathe is tackling a pivotal void in battery technology, deploying adaptive charging software. This technology bolsters the rollout of affordable, high-performing electric vehicles.

A recent breakthrough for Breathe involves a partnership with Volvo Cars. Through their Breathe Charge adaptive charging software, Volvo’s next-gen EVs will slash charging times by up to 30%. All this, while maintaining energy density and range. So, the company’s growth has begun already.

Breathe’s adaptive battery charging software dynamically regulates batteries in real-time. This yields tangible enhancements in charging efficiency and user experiences. That includes prolonged battery life and optimised performance.

Dr Ian Campbell, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Breathe said: 

“We are delighted that Laurent has chosen to join Breathe as our CFO. This new appointment reflects the growing capability of Breathe to proactively address existing gaps in battery technology. We set out to make batteries better and Laurent’s wealth of experience has found fertile ground here as we expand our production programmes and further invest in technologies.”

Breathe could be on the brink of an exciting new chapter. Now, leadership is required to steer the ship. Their work could empower OEMs to extract maximal performance from existing battery technologies. If Breathe get the next growth phase right, they’ll be in a prime position to take the battery sector by storm. 

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