Bramble Energy opens cutting-edge fuel cell innovation hub in the UK

  • Bramble Energy reveals new HQ with hydrogen innovation hub, fueled by rapid growth since 2016
  • Success rooted in PCB-X™ Platform, used for adaptable fuel cell solutions
  • The hydrogen innovation could prove essential for clean heavy mobility in the future

Could this be the next step for fuel cell technology?

Bramble Energy, a fuel cell technology innovator, has unveiled its new headquarters in Crawley, West Sussex. This spacious facility, featuring a cutting-edge hydrogen innovation hub, signifies the company’s meteoric rise since its inception in 2016.

The company has swiftly gained traction with revolutionary fuel cell technology and research. Bramble Energy’s rapid growth necessitated a larger facility to support its projected expansion. They plan to scale up their technology to support the development of the hydrogen fuel cell industry.

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Named Atrium Court, the facility spans nearly 34,000 square feet, over three times the size of its previous location. This expansion caters to Bramble Energy’s growing workforce, which has grown from eight employees in 2020 to more than 80 today.

Atrium Court’s Hydrogen Innovation Hub is a world-leading research, development, and testing centre dedicated to hydrogen fuel cells and related technologies. This hub facilitates all aspects of technology development, from research to production-ready solutions. Bramble will test fuel cells of various sizes, which could prove vital for heavy mobility industries.

“We are extremely proud to move into our new, state-of-the-art headquarters, which represents a major milestone for Bramble Energy. Our success and growth has been phenomenal in a very short amount of time, which is in no small part to our technology but also the support we have received and having a talented and dedicated team.”  

Dr. Tom Mason, CEO, Bramble Energy

How has Bramble Energy grown so fast?

Bramble Energy’s breakthrough lies in its hydrogen fuel cell technology and design using the PCB-X™ Platform. PCB, or printed circuit board technology, allows Bramble to create flexible and customizable energy solutions. 

They make their energy solutions using the existing supply chains from the $70 billion global PCB industry. This means that they can provide effective and affordable clean energy options quickly. In short, Bramble’s PCB-X™ Platform is a way to make clean energy quickly and easily using special circuit board technology.

Financial support has played a crucial role in Bramble Energy’s growth. Alongside equity finance and funding from UK Government initiatives. Notably, Bramble Energy secured £5 million in funding in July 2020, raised an additional £35 million in February 2022, and was granted £12 million in May 2023 from the Advanced Propulsion Centre for its fuel cell technology in a hydrogen bus project.

We’re very interested to see what comes from Bramble’s Hydrogen Innovation Hub, and how it could affect heavy mobility around the world. 

“Our world-leading Hydrogen Innovation Hub at Atrium Court will significantly contribute to levelling up the UK’s hydrogen and fuel cell testing capability. It will play a crucial role in our future development as we revolutionise the shift towards cleaner and sustainable energy solutions.” 

Dr. Tom Mason, CEO, Bramble Energy

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