bp pulse launches its most game-changing EV powerhouse yet in the heart of London

  • Pimlico’s new ultra-fast hub: 8 chargers at 150kW, powering up 100 miles in just 15 minutes – reshaping the electric game.
  • At Q-Park Pimlico near Victoria station, the new Gigahub™ bolsters bp pulse’s London presence, complementing the existing site in Park Lane.
  • The latest hub provides exclusive charge spots for Uber drivers, slashing charging costs with bp pulse’s new offer.

bp pulse’s most powerful hub at Q-Park Pimlico electrifies London with eight 150kW chargers, delivering 100 miles in 15 minutes – enough for three Heathrow Airport round trips

bp pulse has inaugurated its state-of-the-art charging hub in the heart of London, situated at Q-Park Pimlico in the prestigious Borough of Westminster. This facility boasts eight high-powered 150kW chargers, each capable of delivering up to 100 miles of range in just 15 minutes – powering three round trips to Heathrow Airport in a single charging session.

The latest hub offers space for up to sixteen electric vehicles to charge simultaneously. It’s the newest addition to bp pulse’s local network, which already boasts over 570 charge points, including around 50 ultra-fast chargers. This hub provides a hassle-free way for drivers to power up, contributing to the expanding EV infrastructure in the region. 

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Akira Kirton, Vice President of bp pulse UK, said: 

“We have seen ultra-fast charging sessions on the bp pulse public network in London double over the last two years, so it’s clear that there is appetite for this technology. At bp pulse, we’re focused on ultra-fast charging and plan to roll out hundreds of hubs this decade in places EV drivers need them. This new hub in Pimlico is another great example of our strategy in action.”

Thanks to the recent addition of the Pimlico hub, linked up by UK Power Networks Services, ultra-fast EV charging in central London just got a serious upgrade. In 2023, the total count of publicly accessible ultra-fast charge points across all operators was a mere thirteen. Now, with this latest hub in play, drivers have a substantially enhanced charging infrastructure right at their fingertips.

Uber’s general manager in the UK, Andrew Brem, said: 

“Uber drivers tell us that one of the greatest barriers to electrification is the lack of rapid charging points in the right places, so bp pulse’s new hub is a great step towards helping drivers switch to electric vehicles. London is Uber’s top city for EVs worldwide, with well over 10,000 electric vehicles on the platform. Partnerships like this are crucial to meeting our goal of 100% electric by the end of 2025.”

The chargers will be available for individual customers and the fleet clients of bp pulse, which includes Uber, who’s drivers will have access to two dedicated charge points at the site. Since 2022, a global mobility agreement between bp pulse and Uber has been in effect, fostering collaboration to advance Uber’s pledge to transform into a zero-tailpipe emissions mobility platform in the UK by 2030. The recent offer also ensures that Uber drivers who enrol with bp pulse stand to save hundreds of pounds annually.

This initiative marks a significant milestone in bp pulse’s commitment to expanding ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure. The strategic partnership with Uber reinforces the shared vision of a sustainable, electrified future. As we witness the ongoing transformation of central London’s charging landscape, the Pimlico hub stands as a beacon of progress, offering a seamless and efficient solution for drivers embracing the electric revolution.

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