Bosch unveils the PowerPack 800: DualBattery ebike innovation for 300km range

  • Bosch debuts PowerPack 800 Frame battery for e-bikes with a groundbreaking DualBattery system.
  • DualBattery achieves an impressive 300 km range, catering to long-distance cyclists and e-cargo users.
  • Reflecting Bosch’s commitment, PowerPack 800 offers efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly e-bike solutions.

The new Bosch PowerPack 800 is propelling ebikes into the future

Bosch eBike Systems has propelled itself into the spotlight with the introduction of the PowerPack 800 Frame battery. Its innovative DualBattery configuration promises riders an extended range of up to 300 km. This development, primarily targeting long-distance cyclists and e-cargo bike users, represents Bosch’s most potent energy storage solution to date.

The DualBattery setup, integrated into Bosch’s smart system, stands out as a noteworthy feature, offering riders heightened adaptability and efficiency. The newly designed frame battery is characterised by modern cell construction and a compact design. That means it achieves an impressive energy density of approximately 200 Wh/kg. It weighs in at a modest 3.9 kg and maintains the dimensions of its predecessor, the PowerPack 725.

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The PowerPack 800’s appeal lies in its seamless integration with all other Bosch frame batteries within the smart system. This offers users the liberty to select a smaller, lighter battery for brief excursions or carry an extra battery for extended journeys.

In the DualBattery configuration, riders gain access to a maximum battery capacity of 1,600 Wh. That equates to a commendable range of 300 km. This development addresses the needs of avid cyclists seeking prolonged adventures and accommodates the daily routines of e-cargo bike users reliant on their electric steeds.

With the PowerPack 800’s debut, Bosch has expanded its battery guide, offering essential insights into proper battery handling and recycling. To bolster consumer confidence in the used battery market, Bosch now provides an online battery check on its website, enhancing transparency and safety.

Bosch’s latest foray into e-bike technology not only pushes the envelope but also reflects the company’s commitment to providing riders with practical, efficient, and sustainable solutions for their electric cycling endeavours. Ebikes have the potential to change transportation forever. With a 300km range under the industry’s belt, these innovative EVs are sure to take off.

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