Bollinger Motors reveals updated designs for its electric truck and pick-up

Bollinger Motors have posted pictures on its site of the production intent designs of its electric sports utility vehicle, the Bollinger B1, and it’s electric pick-up, the Bollinger B2. The original designs were first seen three years ago and as the company moves towards production these new images will be more like the finished product.

The new designs keep many of the elements of the previous models revealed with the simple yet practical box-shaped aesthetic. One change has been to raise the shoulder of the truck to provide more storage space and offer more head clearance.

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The changes to the exterior design came because Bollinger made a breakthrough with thermal management. They were able to reduce the size of the radiator and utilise one slim cooling unit behind the bumper where it should receive better airflow.

This meant the dual, top-mounted radiators were no longer needed, which meant that Bollinger could widen the front trunk. The headlights have also been moved outboard creating a similar design to the rear lights and provide symmetry.

The B-pillar, which sits behind the front seats, has also been moved forward to provide better ingress and egress for those sitting in the back. As a consequence, the sliding windows have been swapped for manual crank windows. These reduce weight yet remain as robust as sliding windows.

To accommodate the added headroom the windscreen and side and rear window all grew taller too. This also provides better visibility all-round. Customers can reserve both the Bollinger B1 and B2, and both will cost $125,000.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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