BMW show the world their latest iX zero-emission electric car

BMW has announced its new iX and offered a first look at its new latest flagship electric car before it’s launched to the market at the end of 2021. The German car producer has said it has focused on a fresh interpretation of design, sustainability, driving pleasure, versatility and luxury. It’s still in development but will be based on BMW’s latest fifth-generation eDrive technology.

It has been conceived and designed from the outset for purely electric mobility with neat minimalist looks. The styling is unique but will be a similar size to BMW’s X5 and X6 sports utility vehicles. With the inner electronic system and powertrain not requiring a great deal of cooling, the front grille is blanked off and functions as an intelligence panel. It features camera technology, radar functions and other sensors that are integrated seamlessly for a clean look.

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BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive technology is designed to offer outstanding efficiency and long-range. The two electric motors, the power electronics, the charging technology and the high-voltage battery combine to offer exceptional efficiency.

The power unit developed by the BMW Group is manufactured sustainably without the use of rare earth materials and will, according to BMW’s recent calculations, deliver an output of more than 500 horsepower. This will be enough to drive the iX from 0-62mph (0-100kph) in under five seconds.  

The batteries fitted in the BMW iX are designed to enable a high recycling rate, and the power used to produce the battery cells comes exclusively from renewable sources. With a DC fast-charger, the iX will be able to be charged to over 75 miles (120km) in range in around 10 minutes. The new charging technology used will enable DC fast charging at up to 200 kW. This allows charging up to 80 percent in under 40 minutes.

Production of the iX will start in the second half of 2021 at BMW’s Dingolfing plant in Southern Bavaria where the concept, design and the complete build process will be rooted in sustainability. No prices for the new iX have been released yet.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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