BMW and Tyde break waves with new luxury yacht

  • Tyde and BMW introduce ‘The Open’, their second electric boat collaboration as part of efforts in advancing sustainable marine mobility. 
  • ‘The Open’ is set to dominate the seas, measuring at 15 emtres, packing BMW’s electric muscle – dual 100 kW motors, a 400 kWh battery, and an impressive 50 nautical mile range at 25 knots.
  • Riding high on the success of ‘The Icon’, Tyde and BMW dive deeper into innovation, taking sustainable seafaring to new levels.

‘The Open’: Tyde and BMW’s second electric stunner, promising the largest climate-friendly hydrofoil luxury

The collaborative efforts between Tyde and BMW have given rise to their second electric boat, ‘The Open.’ Both claim that it is poised to be the epitome of climate-friendly hydrofoil luxury yachts, aspiring to be the largest in its class. 

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Measuring close to 15 metres, the new yacht integrates cutting-edge electric car components sourced from BMW. Propelled by two electric motors, each boasting 100 kW of power, the vessel is powered by a formidable combined force. Further enhancing its performance, the yacht features a substantial on-board battery with a capacity of approximately 400 kWh. This sophisticated blend of technology underscores the commitment to high-performance and sustainable maritime travel.

Christoph Ballin, co-founder and Managing Director of Tyde, said:

“With ‘The Icon’, we have shown how elegant and luxurious sustainable mobility on water can be. The continuation of our cooperation with BMW is now fuelling our entry into another segment. The new model brings pioneering mobility to the day yacht segment.”

Tyde calculates its effective range at a speed of 25 knots (46 km/h) to be approximately 50 nautical miles (93 km). Commencement of deliveries for ‘The Open’ is slated for the autumn of 2024.

Tyde has overseen the entire spectrum of development, including design, production, and marketing. In collaboration, BMW has played a role by contributing not only e-mobility components but also offering design assistance through its subsidiary, Designworks.

This marks the second collaborative project between the two companies. In May, they unveiled ‘The Icon,’ boasting a length of 13.15 meters and an impressive top speed of 30 knots (55 km/h). Once again, the innovative use of underwater hydrofoils was a key feature. Tyde claims that these hydrofoils significantly decrease the vehicle’s energy consumption by up to 80%.

‘The Open’ stands as a testament to the significant strides achieved in the continued collaboration between Tyde and BMW, underscoring their joint commitment to advancing the frontiers of sustainable maritime luxury. With a slated delivery in autumn 2024, the vessel encapsulates their shared vision for the future of eco-friendly maritime travel, embodying innovation, elegance, and a steadfast dedication to environmentally conscious yachting.

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