Big shots and rising stars: Unveiling the players charging the U.S. scene

Guest Editor: Max Reznichenko, Partner, Emobility Practice, Codibly

As of February 2024, the U.S. has surged ahead with 61,693 public charging locations and 164,236 connectors, a testament to the accelerating EV revolution. California leads the charge with an impressive 15,674 charging locations, followed by New York with 3,795 and Florida with 3,231. 

The U.S. charging infrastructure paints a picture of diversity and progression, ranging from industry titans with expansive networks to agile pioneers driving innovation forward.

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Seasoned contenders


Terawatt powers the backbone of commercial EV transportation in the U.S. with reliable and efficient charging infrastructure. From site ownership and development to seamless operation and maintenance, they ensure fleets stay on the move and are cost-effective. Notably, Terawatt has clinched a hefty $63.8 million federal grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s CFI program, marking a significant milestone in their journey.


ChargePoint commands a global presence across 31 nations, boasting the largest EV charging station network worldwide. With a staggering 300,000 AC and DC charging points globally, the U.S. alone hosts approximately 31,000 accessible stations. Powered by cutting-edge technology, ChargePoint delivers a fully integrated suite of hardware, cloud services, and support. Its expansive network blankets 30 states within the US, particularly prominent in California, Texas, and Florida, solidifying its status as the premier provider of EV charging infrastructure.


EVgo, a U.S.-based network of DC fast charging stations for electric vehicles, flexes its muscle with over 950 charging sites as of August 2023. Spanning 35 states, these stations cater to vehicles from all major auto manufacturers. Founded on October 6, 2010, EVgo, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA, stands as a pioneering force in advancing EV infrastructure.

EV Connect

Established in 2010, EV Connect, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, dominates the EV charging scene across 41 US states. With an enviable client roster featuring heavyweights like GM, Avista Utilities, Love’s Travel Stops, and more, EV Connect provides access to over 100,000 charging stations nationwide. This extensive network covers almost 90% of publicly accessible, non-proprietary chargers, propelling the EV revolution forward with unstoppable momentum.

Blink Charging

Hailing from Miami Beach, Florida, Blink Charging stands tall as an American powerhouse in the EV charging realm. Despite its more modest size compared to some competitors, Blink operates over 51,000 chargers globally. As of September 2022, Blink had strategically positioned 1,606 EV stations across 49 states and territories in the United States, reaching an extensive network of 676 cities.

Electrify America 

Electrify America charges ahead with its electric vehicle DC fast-charging network in the United States, boasting over 850 stations and a jaw-dropping 3,700 connectors as of December 2023. As a powerhouse in the field, it’s not just one of the largest but also provides access to some of the most potent DC fast charging stations nationwide.

Volta Charging

Volta Charging, the trailblazing American EV infrastructure firm, doesn’t just talk the talk – it boasts over 3,000 charging stalls spread across 28 states and territories in the U.S., as per their official website. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Data Center, Volta’s impressive lineup totals 1,331 charging stations, encompassing 3,168 individual charging points. What’s more, among these are 105 lightning-fast DC charging points situated at 77 of their stations.

New players

Francis Energy

Francis Energy, a force in the EV scene, orchestrates a network of DC fast charging stations across the United States, boasting 154 stations as of November 2023. Originating from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company’s roots trace back to its founding by David Jankowsky in 2015, initially under the name Francis Oil and Gas. Now, Francis Energy is on the move, with ambitious plans to broaden its charging footprint to 30 states, fuelling the EV revolution nationwide.


Established in 2017, Go-Station is a charging force to be reckoned with. With its main hub in New Mexico, it now commands access to over 4,000 EV charging sites across North America. Plus, their user-friendly app takes the charging experience to the next level.


Founded in 1992, Applegreen, an Irish powerhouse, oversees a network of 620 fuel stations spanning Ireland, Great Britain, and the United States. Renowned as a top petrol retailer in Ireland, Applegreen also operates convenience stores and motorway service areas, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the company drives forward with its commitment to excellence.

Applegreen made a power move, acquiring toll road service areas in the US from HMSHost for $375 million, signaling their aggressive expansion in the global market.

As the curtain rises on the electrified future, these players stand at the forefront of innovation, driving us towards a world powered by clean energy. With their visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of excellence, they’re not just shaping the present but paving the way for a sustainable tomorrow. Keep your eyes on these players as they continue to redefine what’s possible in the electrification revolution.

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