Biffa breaks ground with first-ever Volvo FE Electric Skiploader

  • Biffa innovates Isle of Wight waste management with the Volvo FE Electric skiploader.
  • Volvo FE Electric: cutting-edge tech, smooth operation, 190 km range, 2.3-hour recharge.
  • Volvo Trucks advances Biffa’s future with 104 new vehicles in a nationwide fleet upgrade.

Biffa sparks change with inaugural electric skiploader on the Isle of Wight, courtesy of the 18-tonne Volvo FE Electric 4×2

Biffa, the forefront player in sustainable waste management in the UK, introduces its inaugural electric skiploader. This marks a significant stride towards eco-friendly waste operations. The cutting-edge 18-tonne Volvo FE Electric 4×2 rigid vehicle will bring zero tailpipe emissions to the Isle of Wight. The move underscores Biffa’s commitment to environmentally conscious waste solutions.

This cutting-edge addition is just one piece of the puzzle in Biffa’s bold move to revamp its entire lineup. Consequently, 104 new vehicles from Volvo Trucks are set to roll out across the UK. 

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Anthony Holley, Fleet & Facilities Director at Biffa, said: 

“As a business we have more than a century’s worth of experience in helping our customers keep their environment clean, and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Central to this is the transition of our fleet to alternative fuels and naturally we wanted to be amongst the first fleets to gain real-world experience of operating an electric truck.  “The support from Volvo Trucks has been fantastic: they’ve had the answers for us at every stage and the suitability and performance of the FE Electric for this application is already clear to see. It offers significant potential for us, as we look to transition more of the fleet to electric in line with our ‘Resourceful, Responsible’ sustainability strategy.”

Strapped with Boughton Engineering skiploader bodywork, the Volvo FE Electric packs a punch with dual electric motors. Therefore, these churn out a peak torque of 850 Nm. Propelled by a two-speed transmission, it promises a seamlessly smooth driving experience. However, what sets it apart is its bespoke traction control system, finely tuned to conquer even the slipperiest of surfaces. With multiple drive modes, drivers can customise performance, comfort, and energy usage levels, ensuring a dynamic and tailored ride. 

Featuring four batteries, the Volvo FE Electric boasts an impressive range of around 190 km on a single charge. What’s more, a quick pit stop of just 2.3 hours using a 150 kW DC charger is all it takes to recharge. 

Biffa strategic advantage lies in their ability to leverage mid-shift top-up charges for their electric vehicle fleet. This feature allows for a rapid charge, bringing the battery to 80% capacity. This not only ensures operational flexibility but also enhances overall efficiency. The capability to capitalise on such quick charging options showcases the team’s commitment to agility and responsiveness with operational demands. It reflects a forward-thinking approach to fleet management. Furthermore, it positions Biffa as an industry leader in embracing technology for enhanced performance and adaptability.

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