Best used EV bargains around the world

  • As used EV models reach price parity with their petrol, diesel, and hybrid counterparts, there’s never been a better time to get into electric vehicle ownership with a used purchase.
  • With some of the best EVs having been on the market for several years now, you can pick up used EVs carrying the latest tech for less.
  • These are our picks of the best used EVs you can buy, across several territories.


MG Motor has been selling electric vehicles in the country for a number of years now, and its fully-electric MG ZS crossover now makes for a great used buy, particularly as a family car. Although the ZS EV currently has an on-the-road price around £30,495 / $38,746 / €26,093, you can pick up lightly-used examples for just £10,000, such as this one found on Auto Trader.


Tesla’s Model X has been a popular luxury electric SUV purchase in the states, which has helped push down the price of used examples – which now offer serious value for money, considering the package. Take this 2016 Model X 90D for example, available for just under $34,000 / £26,759 / €31,273 with 57,000 miles. For just under the price of a brand new Model 3, you’re getting a high-class, larger interior, and some impressive performance from that 90D motor – 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds, to be exact, along with a quoted range of 257 miles.

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The fully-electric version of the Hyundai IONIQ is a smart used buy for those in Australia. As a 2020 ‘Elite’ model, it gets the larger 100kW motor and 38kWh battery, giving it a range of 373km, along with a high level of equipment: Apple CarPlay, radar-guided cruise control, and an upgraded sound system, just to name a few. What’s more, the car is still covered under Hyundai’s five-year car warranty for another year, while the 8 year battery warranty still has time remaining, too.


Germany’s own Audi Q4 e-tron makes for a great value used EV in the country, with a two-year-old example with only 18,800km available for €28,980 / $31,506 / £24,797 – marking a serious discount on its original €44,800 retail price. This EV still offers around 313km on a single charge, whilst its sizable interior and boot makes it the perfect family EV.

The Netherlands

Tesla has consistently been a best-seller in The Netherlands when it comes to EVs. The Model S historically held the spot, which has now been taken by the Tesla Model Y. However, this electric saloon’s popularity in the country has translated into an abundance of low-cost used models. This particular Model S is available for €31,945 / $34,730 / £27,334, with a recorded 86,890km and the 90D motor – the same unit you’ll find in the Model X mentioned above.


The first generation Nissan Leaf has long been known as a used EV bargain, and the same applies in Norway. With the highest electric vehicle ownership rates in the world, Norway has even resulted to importing used EVs from nearby countries to meet demand, with the Leaf being one of the popular models. You can pick up this 2014 Leaf for just €7,397 / $8,041 / £6,329.

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