Best Electric SUVs in the UK – 2023

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are the ever-more popular option for families and long distance drivers alike, offering high levels of refinement, a smooth ride, and plentiful amounts of space inside. Their raised ride heights also can give them an advantage on the rough stuff.

As car manufacturers continue to switch their model portfolios over to fully electric offerings, there are plenty of electric SUVs available at every price point.

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Here are our picks of the best electric SUVs available in 2023:


MG’s all-electric compact SUV offering is the perfect budget option in the electric space. Starting at just £30,495 for the entry-level SE model, it comes in even cheaper than some hatchback EVs.

Despite this lower price, the ZS EV isn’t a sacrifice. The interior is well laid out, and you get a wealth of standard equipment; adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a leather steering wheel, just to name a few. It’ll comfortably seat five, and the boot is fairly capacious at 470 litres.

The WLTP-rated range of 273 miles is also top-tier for its class, while the electric motor provides just as much power as similar budget petrol rivals. 0-60mph comes in 8 seconds, thanks to 173hp from the electric motor. The instant torque also makes this car feel nippier than the figures suggest. Just like all the latest and greatest EVs, ultra rapid charging is facilitated, juicing the car from empty to 80% in 36 minutes on a 100kW rapid charger.

Starting Price£30,495
Quoted Range273 miles
0-60mph Time8.0 seconds
Boot Space470 litres
Maximum Charging Rate75kW

Volvo EX30

The brand-new EX30 is another top entry-level offering in this class, starting from £33,795. Like the MG ZS EV, it’s got a smaller footprint than the other electric SUVs on this list making it a better option if you spend a lot of your time in town.

The 272bhp rear-wheel-drive motor delivers 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds, along with a range of around 213 miles. Spending extra can grant you models with extended rage and performance. It comes as standard with a great-sounding 9-speaker Harmon Kardon sound system. Usually, these impressive sound systems are an expensive optional extra.

It also offers Google services free for four years, letting you use Google Maps straight from the car’s screen – no need to hook up your phone. This also means you can use the Google Assistant to control the car’s features, such as adjusting the cabin temperature.

Volvo EX30 Plus Single Motor Specs
Starting Price£33,795
Quoted Range213 miles
0-60mph Time5.7 seconds
Boot Space318 litres
Maximum Charging Rate153kW

Nissan Ariya

The Ariya is Nissan’s first foray into the fully-electric SUV world. Compared to the similarly-sized Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Qashqai, this new model’s styling in particular is a head turner both inside and out, with a sloping roofline and striking front grille.

The trim level we’d go for is the Advance, along with the larger 87kW battery pack. This grants you a range of up to 333 miles, and rapid charging up to a rate of 130kW.

Nissan Ariya Advance 87kWh Specs
Starting Price£51,895
Quoted Range333 miles
0-60mph Time7.6 seconds
Boot Space466 litres
Maximum Charging Rate130kW

Mercedes EQB

Mercedes’ offering is a serious contender if you’re looking for an electric SUV to carry seven. It’s one of only a few options on the market; the Tesla Model X can also seat the same number, but demands a near triple figure sum and is no longer available new in the UK. The only other options so far are van-based EVs, such as the ID. Buzz and Citroen e-Berlingo.

The interior is a stunning place to be, with two large screens for both the speedometer and your usual radio and navigation features.

Mercedes EQB 300 4MATIC Specs
Starting Price£55,310
Quoted Range252 miles
0-60mph Time8.0 seconds
Boot Space495 litres
Maximum Charging Rate100kW


BMW’s flagship SUV is another luxury option alongside the EQB. Starting at £69,905, the xDrive 40 level gives you a 326bhp electric motor delivering power to all four wheels, with a rated range of around 264 miles.

If you want to make your iX even more of a mile muncher, then the more expensive xDrive 50 increases range to around 391 miles along with a more powerful electric motor setup. Owing to its large size, the iX also offers an impressive 500 litres of boot space.

At the time of writing (24 July), BMW were also offering free home charger installation or £750 worth of BMW public charging credit when you purchase an iX.

BMW iX xDrive 40 Specs
Starting Price£69,905
Quoted Range264 miles
0-60mph Time6.1 seconds
Boot Space500 litres
Maximum Charging Rate148kW

Lotus Eletre

Both Lotus’s first SUV and first fully-electric car, the Eletre’s size and performance make it not only a contender for one of the best electric SUVs but also one of the best electric sports cars. Its interior design is particularly unique, with your usual driver and central displays combined with a front passenger display which shows information such as the current music playing. For more luxury, you can opt for a four seat configuration in lieu of five, turning the back seats into more of a lounge. However, this does rob a little boot space too.

Despite its sports car origins the Eletre is one of the most practical cars on this list. The boot space is fairly significant at 688 litres, while you’ll be able to go around 373 miles between charges.

The relatively cheapest ‘Eletre’ trim starts from £89,500. This grants you a top speed of 160mph and a 0-62mph time of 4.5 seconds. However, the top-level ‘Eletre R’ brings it down to a supercar-rivalling 2.95 seconds, starting from £120,000.

Lotus Eletre Specs
Starting Price£89,500
Quoted Range373 miles
0-60mph Time4.5 seconds
Boot Space688 litres
Maximum Charging Rate350kW

Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s compact SUV is also a great all-rounder. Underneath, it’s near-identical to the saloon-shaped Model 3 but offers more cabin space, a larger boot, and increased ride height.

Recent price drops mean that the cheapest rear-wheel drive option starts from only £44,990. This still offers 283 miles of range. However, for £52,990, you can get a dual-motor setup that brings range up to 331 miles and gives you more power.

The Model Y was also the best selling car in Europe for the first half of 2023, proving its mettle on the best electric SUVs list.

Tesla Model Y RWD Specs
Starting Price£44,990
Quoted Range283 miles
0-60mph Time6.6 seconds
Boot Space854 litres
Maximum Charging Rate250kW

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