BEDEO unveils world’s first classic car EV retrofit system, driven by the legendary Defender

  • BEDEO introduces Reborn Electric: Icons, kicking off with a game-changing overhaul of the iconic Land Rover Defender.
  • Featuring revolutionary in-wheel motor (IWM) technology, the electric Defender thrives in any environment, boasting a range of 247 km (153 miles) on a 75-kWh battery.
  • Leveraging a decade of sustainable tech expertise, BEDEO expands its electrification solutions with innovative IWM technology, developed by Protean Electric, ensuring a seamless transition to electric power for a variety of vehicles.

BEDEO’s Reborn Electric: Icons Revolutionises Transportation with Classic Car EV Retrofit System

BEDEO, leading the charge in electric mobility, makes history today with the launch of Reborn Electric: Icons Land Rover Defender. It marks the beginning of their mission to electrify iconic rides, blazing a trail in the automotive world.

BEDEO’s Reborn Electric: Icons program signals a bold move towards sustainable mobility. With its groundbreaking in-wheel motor (IWM) technology, BEDEO is pioneering the electric retrofitting of classic cars, setting a global precedent. This revolutionary approach marks a seismic shift in the automotive industry, showcasing BEDEO’s unwavering dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility.

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The Reborn Electric: Icons initiative begins with the electrification of the legendary Defender, an automotive icon retaining its rugged allure while embracing electric power. With its proven drivetrain technology, having covered 60 million kilometres across Europe since 2009, BEDEO aims to democratise sustainable mobility worldwide. This electrifying transformation marks a new era in automotive innovation, combining heritage with cutting-edge technology for a greener future.

The Defender transformation boasts a whisper-silent, battery-powered powertrain, featuring a 75-kWh battery delivering an estimated WLTP range of 247 km (153 miles). Equipped with a standard 22 kW on-board charger, it achieves a full charge in just five hours. For added convenience, BEDEO offers an optional 50 kW fast-charging capability, slashing recharge time to just 90 minutes. This blend of performance and efficiency sets a new standard in electric vehicle technology, driving the future of sustainable mobility forward.

The updated BEDEO conversion retains the rugged allure of the classic Land Rover Defender while transforming into a sustainable icon with zero emissions. Engineered with the same passion for technology and sustainability that defines BEDEO’s 15-year legacy, its high-performance electric drivetrain, crafted in-house, boasts top-notch components and BEDEO’s exclusive IWM technology. This ensures an electrifying driving experience without sacrificing style or power, making every journey both eco-friendly and exhilarating.

BEDEO’s Reborn Electric conversions, driven by Protean Electric‘s IWM technology, offer a fresh perspective on emissions and vehicle management, paving the way for a greener future. While the Defender leads the charge, BEDEO’s IWM can electrify any vehicle, catering to diverse customer needs. This versatility ensures sustainable mobility for all, with BEDEO at the forefront of innovation.

Osman Boyner, founder and CEO of BEDEO, commented;

“The classic car community has warmly embraced the idea of converting their beloved vehicles to run on electric power through EV conversion. However, until now, none have ventured into utilising in-wheel motors to tap into the advantages of weight reduction and engineering enhancements. Through our Reborn Electric: Icons program, we are committed to maintaining the original car’s kerb weight, charm, and driving dynamics while ensuring easy maintenance and delivering the benefits of electrification.”

BEDEO’s innovative approach to car transformation and electrification, driven by proprietary technology, is empowering drivers with unrivalled customisation. This collaboration between BEDEO and its partners ensures a seamless integration of electrification, while granting customers the freedom to tailor their vehicles to their exact specifications. As BEDEO expands its Reborn Electric solutions beyond the Land Rover Defender, it solidifies its global presence in the electrification landscape, offering practical, sustainable solutions for fleets and individuals worldwide.

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