Battery swapping could boom as Geely and NIO collaborate

  • Geely and NIO unite in Hangzhou, emphasizing battery swapping.
  • CEOs Jack Liu (Yiyi Power, Geely) and Fei Shen (NIO) sign an agreement covering battery standards and swapping tech.
  • Reflecting rising acceptance, the collaboration could streamline EV charging. CEOs Eric LI and William LI foresee its integration across Geely’s EV brands.

Battery swapping technology could be on the rise as Geely and NIO forge a new, technology-first partnership

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely) and NIO Holding (NIO) forged a strategic partnership in Hangzhou, China. The partnership signals a significant leap forward in electric vehicle (EV) technology.

Geely and NIO unite in Hangzhou, emphasizing battery swapping.CEOs Jack Liu (Yiyi Power, Geely) and Fei Shen (NIO) sign an agreement covering battery standards and swapping tech.

Both industry titans, Jack Liu, CEO of Yiyi Power under Geely Holding, and Fei Shen, Senior Vice President of NIO, inked a comprehensive agreement encompassing battery standards. This includes battery swapping technology, network expansion, swappable model development, and battery asset management.

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The move towards swapping reflects the growing acceptance of this technology among EV users. NIO’s innovative “chargeable, swappable, upgradeable” service system couples with Yiyi Power’s experience in commercial vehicle battery swapping. This underscores the industry’s shift towards user-centric solutions. The battery swapping initiative has the potential to make EV charging more straightforward than ever. 

Eric LI, Founder and Chairman of Geely Holding, said:

“Green sustainable development and carbon neutrality have become a global consensus. As one of the most innovative methods for recharging electric vehicles, the future development of battery swapping technology requires the joint efforts of all parties in the industry to advance it. Geely Yiyi Power has achieved positive results in the operation across multiple cities nationwide and is continuing to grow. Through this strategic cooperation in battery swapping, the two parties will strengthen their cooperation in the battery swapping industry chain, accelerate the adoption of unified standards, expand the ecosystem for battery swapping and charging, support the low-carbon transformation and high-quality development of the automotive industry, and offer a better electric mobility experience for users.”

William LI, Founder, Chairman and CEO of NIO, said:

As a leading company in the Chinese automotive market, Geely Holding’s rapid development in the new energy field is impressive. This strategic partnership will further popularize battery swapping, bring quality and convenient battery swapping experience to more users and contribute to the steady development of the smart EV industry. We will continue to advance the construction of NIO’s battery-swapping network for NIO users, continually enhancing the charging experience for our users, and collaborating with partners to initiate the construction of a battery-swapping network for multi-brand sharing.”

Will this innovation extend to power Geely’s expansive range of EV brands? 

The Geely Auto Group, boasting marques such as Geely Auto, Geometry, Lynk & Co, Livan, and the joint venture Proton Cars, stands as a prominent division. Additionally, the Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group, housing brands like Farizon Auto, Hanma Technology (JV), Ou Ling Auto, Green Intelligent Link, and Oneworld Technology, adds another layer to this diverse automotive landscape. 

The collaboration aims to accelerate the development and promotion of swapping technology. Therefore, it prompts anticipation about the integration of this revolutionary approach across Geely’s EV portfolio. This could promise a future where efficient and sustainable mobility transcends brand boundaries.

As Geely and NIO join forces, this partnership represents a defining moment in the EV sector, promising to reshape the electric mobility landscape and offer users an elevated, sustainable driving experience. The stage is set for a new era in EV technology, driven by collaboration and innovation.

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