Ayvens forms the world’s largest multi-brand electric fleet as the company hits 500,000 funded EVs

  • Ayvens achieves 500,000 funded electric vehicles (EVs), becoming the world’s largest multi-brand electric fleet.
  • Impressive market penetration: 34% in new passenger car registrations, outperforming the European average of 22%.
  • Ayvens aims for EVs to constitute 50% of new car registrations by 2026, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable mobility.

Ayvens breaks records with the world’s largest multi-brand electric fleet 

Ayvens, the recently formed EV supergroup, has reached a significant milestone with half a million funded EVs on the roads. This milestone establishes Ayvens as the largest multi-brand electric fleet globally.

Ayvens’ success is not just a number; it signifies a remarkable 34% penetration in new passenger car registrations over the first nine months of 2023. Moreover, those figures mean Ayvens has outperformed the European market’s 22%. Particularly impressive is Ayvens’ strong penetration of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) at 21% and 13%, respectively, surpassing market averages. In less than nine months, Ayvens expanded its fleet from 380,000 to 500,000 EVs. This emphasizes the effectiveness of its business model, and the success of the merger that formed the group.

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Under its strategic plan, PowerUP 2026, Ayvens is pushing the boundaries further. By 2026, the company aims for EVs to constitute 50% of its new car registrations. What’s more, they aim for 40% to be BEVs and 10% PHEVs. This ambitious goal aligns with Ayvens’ commitment to environmental stewardship. They aim to reduce CO2 emissions to under 90g/km by 2026, a significant drop from the 112g/km recorded in 2022.

Tim Albertsen, Group CEO of Ayvens, commented:

“This new milestone clearly underscores our commitment to accelerating the take up of electric vehicles and is fully aligned with our PowerUP 2026 strategic plan and our new brand promise. 

With 3.4 million vehicles managed worldwide and the world’s largest multi-brand EV fleet, we can leverage our unique position to lead the way to net zero. We have an important role to play in the democratisation of EVs to facilitate this transition and in the greening of vehicles fleets globally. Using our industry leadership to shape the future of mobility, we are committed to making sustainable mobility an easy choice for all.”

Furthermore, Ayvens plans to expand its portfolio of well-maintained used EVs, offering them at attractive prices. Ayvens boasts 430 global distribution partnerships, including collaborations with OEMs and new market entrants. That means the company continues to pave the way for a greener future, providing innovative and flexible mobility solutions.

This accomplishment underscores Ayvens’ commitment to shaping the future of mobility while leading the charge towards a net-zero future.

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