Audi’s ‘Make the Switch’ campaign: Streamlining your EV transition

  • Audi UK’s ‘Make the Switch’ campaign offers incentives for transitioning to electric vehicles.
  • Incentives include up to £13,000 in support, free chargers, and reduced service plans.
  • This aligns with Audi’s electric future and coincides with London’s ULEZ expansion.

Audi aims to make the EV transition easier for UK EV drivers with their ‘Make the Switch’ campaign

Audi UK is launching its ‘Make the Switch’ campaign to facilitate a seamless transition to electric vehicles (EVs). This initiative, running until the end of September, features an array of enticing offers and packages aimed at British customers.

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Audi UK is rolling out enhanced finance options, charging support, and discounted e-tron service plans. All of which are designed to smoothen the path toward EV ownership. 

Moreover, Audi customers in the London area can save up to 16.5% on their new Audi BEV through the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) scrappage scheme.

“Core to Audi’s path of becoming the leading provider of sustainable premium mobility is the development and production of zero-emission, fully electric vehicles – and from 2026 every new Audi launched will be all-electric.” 

“Customer appetite and interest in our BEV line-up are growing rapidly, sales are up 78 percent year-on-year, and our ‘Make the Switch’ campaign will help accelerate that shift by lowering the barriers to entry for many.”

Andrew Doyle, Director, Audi UK

Audi UK is offering support ranging from £6,250 to £11,000, contingent on the model. A complimentary Ohme wall box charger, with standard installation, sweetens the deal. This 7kW recharging unit ensures convenient home charging via the Ohme app. If you already have a suitable home charger, alternative incentives include a £500 contribution or £500 charging credit on the Audi charge card.

Audi is also slashing the cost of its e-tron service plans to a competitive £499 during the ‘Make the Switch’ campaign. Customers opting for Audi Car Insurance receive a £100 contribution toward their annual policy.

This campaign coincides with London’s ULEZ expansion. This will eliminate highly-polluting vehicles within the Greater London area. The extended ULEZ zone now encompasses nearly the entire M25 orbital road, enforcing stringent emission standards.

In tandem with Audi UK’s support, London residents can seize the opportunity to receive up to £2,000 toward scrapping non-compliant vehicles through the Mayor of London’s scrappage scheme.

Audi’s BEV lineup eligible for support includes the Q4 e-tron, Q8 e-tron (SUV 55 e-tron only), and e-tron GT. Each offers varying levels of support, with £8,250, £11,750, and £13,000 respectively. With these compelling incentives, Audi UK is paving the way for a more electrified automotive future. 

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