Audi unveils the groundbreaking Q6 e-tron: The all-new flagship premium EV

  • Audi unveils the Audi Q6 e-tron, aiming to redefine premium emobility.
  • The vehicle promises innovation in performance, range, and design.
  • Featuring advanced technology and safety features, the Q6 e-tron sets a new standard for EVs.

The Audi Q6 e-tron promises to redefine premium emobility 

In a bold statement of its electric future, Audi has unveiled the Audi Q6 e-tron. This innovative EV introduces a host of innovative features, pushing the boundaries of performance, range, and design.

It’s releasing in the UK market from April 2024. The Q6 e-tron quattro and SQ6 e-tron come with price tags of £68,975 and £92,950 (OTR) respectively. However, beyond the price point, Audi’s focus lies squarely on revolutionising the EV landscape.

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Power, range & charging

At the heart of this innovation is Audi’s collaborative effort with Porsche, the Premium Platform Electric (PPE). Serving as the backbone of the Q6 e-tron, this platform embodies Audi’s steadfast commitment to electric mobility, offering drivers an unmatched driving experience.

Gernot Döllner, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, commented:

“Built on the new PPE platform, the Audi Q6 e-tron is the next technological leap in premium electric mobility for our customers. The PPE shows how we are pooling expertise within the Volkswagen Group and thus making electric mobility scalable. 

Thanks to the PPE, we are able to launch high-volume models with high technical standards in different segments and thus further electrify our portfolio.”

Performance enthusiasts will be intrigued by the Q6 e-tron’s impressive specifications. Boasting a powerful electric motor system, the vehicle delivers a system output of 285 kW (388PS) for the quattro and up to 380 kW (517PS) for the SQ6 e-tron, promising a thrilling and dynamic ride.

This EV excels in efficiency as well, thanks to its newly developed lithium-ion battery. With a range of up to 381 miles, the vehicle enables drivers to embark on longer journeys with confidence.

With an 800-volt architecture and a maximum charging capacity of 270 kW, it offers promising solutions for long-distance travel. At high-power charging stations, a brief 10-minute stop can provide up to 158 miles of range. Additionally, the vehicle introduces Plug & Charge functionality, simplifying the charging process by automatically authorising the vehicle at compatible stations. 

The Q6 e-tron also pioneers bank charging capability with 400-volt technology. This enables simultaneous charging of both halves of the 800-volt battery. This focus on efficient charging infrastructure is pivotal in promoting EV adoption.

Appearance, design & innovative features

From its distinctive SUV styling to the innovative digital OLED rear lights, the vehicle is a mixture of modernity and functionality.

At the forefront is the Park Assist Plus. This seamlessly handles parking manoeuvres with precision, whether it’s squeezing into a tight parallel spot or sliding into a bay. Complementing this, the 360° display and top-view camera offer drivers a comprehensive view, ensuring they can navigate parking challenges with ease. 

On the open road, the EV offers adaptive cruise control, intelligently adjusting speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead. Meanwhile, the intersection assist system detects potential collisions at intersections and promptly alerts drivers to mitigate risks. 

The Audi Q6 e-tron represents a significant step forward in emobility, blending performance, range, and design. With its groundbreaking technology, the Q6 e-tron raises the bar for Audi’s automotive future and green aspirations. How will this cutting-edge model shape up in the ever-increasing world of high-end EVs?

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