Audi to unveil its new skysphere concept convertible roadster electric car on 10 August

Audi will be unveiling its new skysphere concept on 10 August in a world premiere as part of the brand’s ‘Celebration of Progress’ digital event. This will be the first member of a new family of three concept cars, which also include the grandsphere and urbansphere electric cars, that the brand is using to showcase its vision for the future of progressive luxury.

The electric-powered convertible roadster will reveal what the future holds for Audi design. Audi says the interior becomes an interactive space, the vehicle an experience device, embedded into a digital ecosystem.

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Hildegard Wortmann, member of the board of management for sales and marketing at Audi AG, will provide a look at how Audi is driving the brand’s transformation and shaping the world of premium mobility.

Head of Audi Brand, Henrik Wenders, will explain the focus on the interior concept and the holistic digital ecosystem for a new onboard vehicle experience.

Audi is calling this newly designed vehicle interior that surrounds the passengers the ‘sphere’. Audi designer Gael Buzyn will also be on hand to offer insights into the design process and explain the details of the Audi skysphere concept. The world premiere will take place in the company’s recently opened design studio in Malibu.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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