Audi making electric car charging easier for its customers

In the past there have been some issues with charge point access and payments when using public electric car charging facilities. Audi is helping its customers by expanding its one-stop shop for electric vehicle (EV) charging.

This is especially useful considering more than half of Audi’s new models launched in the last year have been electric. Audi’s e-tron charging service has been increased to cover almost 75 percent of the UK’s public charging points.

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Audi are working with the UK’s leading networks including BP Pulse, Pod Point, Source London and Ionity, along with 19 other UK operators. The e-tron charging service provides customers with access to one of the most comprehensive and integrated networks comprising of over 17,500 chargers. It’s also accessed with only one card or the myAudi app.

The ongoing expansion of the e-tron charging service also gives Audi customers access to over 242,000 across the rest of Europe. The hassle-free subscription service brings an end customers being encumbered by multiple subscriptions to numerous suppliers.

Andrew Doyle, Audi UK director, said: “Audi’s aim has always been to make the transition from combustion to electrified vehicles as easy as possible for our customers, and the expansion of our ultra-convenient e-tron charging service is a clear demonstration of that.

“With only one card Audi customers now have access to almost 75 percent of the UK’s public charging points. That’s a vast collection of fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charging points across the country, which will provide them with greater flexibility and convenience day-today.”

Audi’s City tariff, which is designed for those that mainly travel in urban areas and have the option to charge at home or at work, costs £4.91 per month. This represents a cost-effective way to publicly charge with customers paying standardised rates of 0.29 GBP/kWh for AC charging and 0.39/kWh for DC fast-charging. Rates for the high-powered IONITY network and the 350kW output its units can deliver are fixed at 0.70 GBP/kWh.

Audi’s Transit tariff, which is for those who cover greater distances and require the fastest range replenishment times, costs £16.81 per month. The main benefit of the Transit subscription is the discounted IONITY rate of just 0.28GBP/kWh at any one of the 400 stations across Europe.

Full details of both accounts can be found here.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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