Audi launches a limited edition electric mountain bike powered by Fantic

Audi has announced it is expanding its range of emobility products with the launch of the limited-run Audi electric mountain bike powered by Fantic. This is the next step in the brand’s effort to offer alternative means of emobility beyond four wheels with its electric cars. It will be available in three sizes with prices starting from £8,499.

Audi is no stranger to going off-road and has an illustrious history in the World Rally Championship and use of quattro all-wheel-drive during the 1980s shaped the brand and defined its DNA. 

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Today, Audi’s motorsport focus lies in the sands of the Arabian Desert and the Dakar Rally with the innovative RS Q e-tron E2 whose design has inspired the Audi electric mountain bike powered by Fantic.

Audi isn’t the first car company to complement its range of zero emissions cars with an electric bike. Last year, Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand, announced a collaboration with Allebike, the Swedish high-end bicycle company. The Allebike Alpha Polestar edition will be co-engineered, co-designed and colour-coordinated between the two companies. Other brands offering electric mountain bikes include Hummer, Jeep, Porsche, Rimac and ŠKODA.

Andrew Doyle, Director of Audi UK, said: “At Audi, we’ve been bold in our commitment to becoming a leader in providing sustainable premium mobility.

“The Audi electric mountain bike in cooperation with Fantic is another fantastic example of how we can expand our mobility offering to customers that extends beyond the award-winning models they drive.”

Like Audi’s fully electric, road-going e-tron model range of electric vehicles (EVs), the Audi mountain bike powered by Fantic stands out on the breadth of its abilities and has versatility at its core. From touring to endure biking, it’s at home on a variety of terrain. Its greatest strength is downhill riding thanks to full suspension travel of 180mm, wide wheels and off-road tyres.  

Based around an enduro frame made out of lightweight aluminium, it has been designed to allow a relaxed riding position so riders can better react to obstacles and terrain ahead. The battery pack (Fantic Integra 36 Volt, 720 Wh) is located within the frame and marked out by eye-catching e-tron branding and decals. It supplies power to the Brose S-MAG 36 Volt 250 Watt motor which delivers up to 90Nm of torque.

The Audi electric mountain bike powered by Fantic provides riders with four levels of electrical assistance: Eco, Tour, Sport and Boost. Eco has been calibrated to deliver maximum efficiency and range with notable electrical assistance, while Tour brings a notable level of electrical boost. 

Sport mode has been engineered to add powerful assistance for sport cycling and the final mode, Boost, delivers the maximum level of electrical assistance for challenging and hilly routes.

A small digital display located on the handlebars provides an overview of key data such as battery charge and speed at a glance to the rider. When the battery level drops to below 10%, the charge level indicator will begin to flash in the top right corner of the display.

Customers wishing to express an interest in the Audi electric mountain bike powered by Fantic can find additional information at Audi Genuine Accessories.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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