AT&T electrifies the road with Rivian

  • AT&T joins forces with Rivian for greener roads, piloting EVs in pursuit of emission reduction.
  • AT&T secures exclusive connectivity deal with Rivian in North America, enhancing driving experiences with smarter and safer connectivity.
  • Collaboration spotlights commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation in transportation.

AT&T and Rivian power up with EVs and cutting-edge connectivity, redefining the game in sustainable transportation

In a transformative alliance aimed at advancing environmental responsibility and innovation, AT&T and Rivian are set to embark on a groundbreaking collaboration, following AT&T’s end of exclusivity with Amazon. Starting in 2024, AT&T will initiate a pilot program, integrating Rivian’s cutting-edge EVs into its fleet. Simultaneously, AT&T will assume the role of the exclusive connectivity provider for all Rivian vehicles across the United States and Canada. This strategic partnership not only underscores the shared commitment of both companies to sustainability but also represents a pivotal milestone in shaping the landscape of intelligent, interconnected transportation.

Hardmon Williams, SVP at AT&T Connected Solutions, said the pilot is:

“another important step in our ongoing efforts toward sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and embracing a cleaner future for our operations. With advanced connectivity and a vision for a sustainable future, Rivian is setting the standard for the evolving demands of modern transportation.”

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Choosing the Rivian Commercial Van and R1 vehicles, AT&T will assess their impact on safety, cost reduction, and carbon footprint. AT&T also plans to leverage Rivian’s vehicles to explore new avenues in its electrification journey, aligning with its goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

Although this marks AT&T’s first purchase of Rivian vans, the telecommunications company already holds the exclusive role as the connectivity provider for all Rivian vehicles in North America. This connectivity serves as the foundation for Rivian’s over-the-air software updates. Rivian’s in-house software stack contributes to AT&T’s commitment to decarbonisation by improving fleet efficiency. The company asserts that its vehicles cover 20% fewer miles annually, resulting in a substantial reduction of 51 million pounds of emissions.

The recent agreement became viable following the cancellation of the exclusivity clause with Amazon in November. Originating in 2019, the exclusivity clause was part of a deal between Amazon and Rivian, committing Amazon to acquire 100,000 electric vans by 2030. Although the first Rivian vans have been in use by Amazon since last year, order volumes have fallen below anticipated levels. Reports suggest that Amazon’s confirmed purchase volumes were approximately 2,023 units, with around 10,000 electric vehicles firmly ordered.

The partnership between AT&T and Rivian marks a significant shift towards sustainable and innovative transportation solutions. Breaking free from exclusivity with Amazon has opened new avenues for AT&T, as it pioneers a pilot program integrating Rivian’s advanced electric vehicles into its fleet. This collaboration, forged through groundbreaking initiatives, sets the stage for a greener and interconnected future in the realm of intelligent transportation.

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