Ariya expected to be the most aerodynamic Nissan crossover electric car ever built

Drawing on a decade of technical expertise in electric vehicle and crossover innovation, Nissan’s Ariya is expected to become the company’s most aerodynamic crossover, targeting a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.297.

From the precisely shaped body lines to strategically placed air ducts, Ariya’s advanced aerodynamics are anticipated to enhance the long-range performance of its all-electric powertrain. All these efforts, led by the engineering teams from around the globe, will result in an expected increase of range that will be made official later in the year.

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Marco Fioravanti, vice president of product planning at Nissan Europe, said: “Following official homologation of the Nissan Ariya later this year, we anticipate the range to improve compared to the 310-mile (500km) figure shared in 2020 during the World Premiere. This will give drivers more efficiency and confidence to go even further on a single charge.”

Each element of Ariya’s shape was adjusted in microscopic detail by the engineering teams at Nissan Technical Centre Europe in the UK. Ariya’s flat underbody produces a stable and predictable ride, while the front-facing aerodynamic intelligent shield and clean body lines reduce drag. Refined by design teams in Japan and the UK, the result is a clean shape that helps the vehicle slice through the air, optimising it for highly efficient driving.

Sarwar Ahmed, aerodynamics and aeroacoustics engineer at Nissan Technical Centre Europe, said: “With the growing shift towards electric mobility, aerodynamic testing is becoming increasingly important. The aerodynamics of electric vehicles are directly linked to how efficiently the vehicle moves, less drag and better stability allows the customer to drive longer distances before having to recharge.”

Nissan says the Ariya will offer customers a new level of driving range and the advanced electric coupé crossover is ready for the drivers of tomorrow and marks the start of a new era for Nissan electric vehicles. We look forward to seeing what the official range of the Ariya will be once it has been released and expect it to exceed 310-miles (500km), which is already impressive.

Helen Perry, head of electric passenger cars and infrastructure for Nissan in Europe, said: “The Nissan Ariya is the result of a truly global effort. Together, we worked to bring new creative aerodynamic features to Ariya which, combined with its powerful performance, connected technologies and revolutionary new electric vehicle design will, with no doubt, meet our customers’ expectations.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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