Ariel returns to the bicycle world with its lightweight Dash electric bike

  • The Ariel Dash features a lightweight frame of 3D printed titanium, titanium tube, and carbon fibre.
  • Available in the Urban and Adventure variants, for inner-city riding, and versatile terrains.
  • The Adventure model offers up to 50 miles range (extendable to 95 miles), both variations integrate with the ‘My Smartbike’ app.

Ariel unveils its latest innovation, the lightweight titanium and carbon fibre Dash ebike

Ariel is best known for its high-performance Atom and Nomad cars. Now, it’s making a return to bicycle manufacturing after a 92-year break. The Ariel Dash is a state-of-the-art ebike packed with lightweight, high-performance tech.

The Dash comes in two models: Urban and Adventure

The models weigh in at just 10.9 kilograms. The frame is constructed from a mix of 3D-printed titanium, titanium tube, and carbon fibre. This results in a strong, lightweight frame. 

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The Dash’s power is generated by its 250W 55Nm Mahle hub motor. This compact motor is integrated into the bike, providing direct power to the rear wheel for a smoother ride. The battery is hidden within the frame for a clean look. The Adventure model offers up to 50 miles of range. An optional range extender boosts the range to 95 miles. The battery pack will charge to full capacity in just 2.5 hours with a standard household outlet.

The Urban model is designed for city commuting. This variant features single-speed, belt-drive technology. It delivers a power-assisted range of up to 45 miles, extendable to 80 miles with the range extender. Meanwhile, the Adventure model is the more versatile option. It’s equipped with a chain-drive and 12 gears to handle diverse terrains.

Smart bikes mean smart integration

The ‘My Smartbike’ app available for Android and Apple devices, integrates with the Dash. This app allows riders to control power delivery, access navigation, and log performance data. This means the Dash can be updated remotely and offers additional personalisation and versatility.

The Urban model starts at £8,320 + VAT, while the Adventure model is priced from £9,160 + VAT. Each bike is made to order, which allows each model to be customised for every rider’s preferences.

The Ariel Dash is set to make a splash with its advanced engineering, cutting-edge materials, and smart technology. Ariel’s return to the world of bicycles is a sign of the growing ebike interest worldwide. Could this mean we’ll see more classic manufacturers turning to ebike production soon?

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