Applegreen Electric partners with Zapmap to streamline its charging payments

  • Applegreen Electric partners with Zapmap for easier EV charging payments.
  • Integration simplifies charging process, catering to drivers on longer journeys.
  • Collaboration enhances accessibility and convenience of EV charging infrastructure in the UK.

Zapmap and Applegreen Electric partner to simplify EV charging

Applegreen Electric, a subsidiary of the well-known motorway plaza operator Applegreen, has recently joined forces with Zapmap’s cross-network payment solution. This marks a significant development in the realm of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in the UK. The integration, which went live last week, presents a noteworthy advancement in facilitating accessible and convenient EV charging options for drivers nationwide.

Applegreen Electric’s ultra-rapid charging points are located across the UK’s motorway services, as well as in the USA and Ireland. This focus ensures convenient charging options for drivers on longer journeys. The company aims to cater to drivers on longer journeys with around 160 chargers. These chargers are spread across Scotland to the home counties, mainly located at services on the strategic road network.

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Matt Lloyd, Head of CPO Networks at Zapmap, said: 

“I’m very pleased that Applegreen Electric is now online as a fully fledged payment partner. With high-power charge points conveniently situated at motorway service stations, Applegreen Electric is a valuable addition to the Zap-Pay partner network – and this announcement should come as great news for electric car drivers undertaking longer journeys.

For any new electric car drivers not familiar with Zap-Pay, it’s a really easy way to pay for charging across networks from within the Zapmap app. Just open the ‘Payment’ filter in Zapmap and select ‘Zap-Pay’ to see the charging locations of all twelve payment partners.”

The decision to integrate with Zapmap’s payment solution comes amidst shifting preferences among EV drivers in the UK. According to Zapmap’s latest EV charging survey, motorway services have emerged as the preferred charging locations, surpassing supermarket car parks. This trend underscores the importance of convenient charging options for drivers embarking on longer journeys.

Jack O’Brien, Country Manager at Applegreen Electric, said:

“Integrating with Zap-Pay is another really exciting step forward for Applegreen Electric. Zapmap is already an important partner for us in terms of helping drivers to find our charge points and plan their routes around Applegreen Electric locations. So I’m thrilled to see this integration go live and delighted to add our network to Zapmap’s cross-network payment solution.”

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