Apple electric car batteries look set to be built in the USA

Rumours of the Apple car continue to float around and we don’t expect to see anything from the tech giant for at least a couple of years. According to a recent report from the DigiTimes, Apple is looking at manufacturing the batteries for them in the USA.

This news doesn’t come as a shock and it’s expected that Apple will build their first electric vehicle (EV) in the US. Apparently, Apple had preliminary discussions with China’s biggest battery suppliers, CATL and BYD, but this didn’t come to fruition because Apple wanted them to produce the batteries in the US.

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It’s looking more likely that Apple will work with either Foxconn, who are working with Fisker electric cars, or Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry to produce their batteries. Both are from Taiwan but would look to set up in the USA which works with Apple’s remit.

Currently, none of the companies involved with all of this have officially released any news. This isn’t shocking with Apple often trying to keep everything under wraps. Foxconn looks like the prime candidate as the key iPhone assembler. They are also planning to set up battery and electric vehicle car factories in the US soon.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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