APCOA named ‘EV Champion of the Year’ at the British Parking Awards

  • APCOA wins ‘EV Champion of the Year’ award for advancing EV adoption.
  • Their comprehensive EV services and goal of 10,000 chargers by 2025 promote sustainability.
  • APCOA leads in driving a greener future through electrification.

The award highlights the fantastic impact of the parking sector on the transition to emobility

In a significant win at the recent British Parking Awards, APCOA, Europe’s leading parking operator, proudly walked away with the title ‘EV Champion of the Year.’ This accolade highlights the fantastic impact the parking company has had on the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK.

Sustainability and electrification are the pillars of APCOA’s strategy. Their dedication to these principles has earned them recognition as a leader in the EV space. 

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APCOA’s EV service offering covers every aspect of the EV charging journey. It begins with meticulous upfront site identification and product selection. This ensures that charging stations are strategically placed for maximum accessibility.

Their commitment continues with expert project management, overseeing the installation and testing of EV charging points. But APCOA’s involvement doesn’t stop there; they also provide end-to-end lifecycle management. Efficient management is crucial to ensuring the reliability and functionality of these charging infrastructures.

To date, APCOA has successfully deployed nearly 1,000 EV chargers, including Fast, Rapid, and Ultra Rapids, across a spectrum of sectors. Notable clients include Maidstone Borough Council, Network Rail, NHS Royal Stoke, Q Hotels, New River Retail, and the London Borough of Bromley. APCOA has even ventured into the creation of Urban Mobility Hubs, with the inaugural location in Carmarthen.

Kim Challis, Regional Managing Director for APCOA UK & Ireland, commented:

“We are really delighted that APCOA’s EV strategy has received such positive recognition as we continue to deliver our plan to achieve the ambitious goal of installing 10,000 charge-points in the UK (on and off street) by 2025.”

APCOA’s success in the EV sector underscores the positive impact a parking company can have on driving emobility in the UK. Their dedication to electrification aligns with a greener, more environmentally conscious future.

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