ANC launches “Take the Pledge” campaign for World EV Day 2023

  • ANC launches their “Take the Pledge” campaign on World EV Day™.
  • ANC has already committed to integrate 100+ EVs into its fleet by 2025.
  • Target: Convert 500+ national fleet vehicles to EVs by 2025, reducing 30M kg of carbon.

ANC’s “Take the Pledge” campaign: A collaborative commitment to integrate BEVs into light commercial and commercial fleets by 2025

ANC, a leading Australian logistics company, is launching a groundbreaking initiative set to launch on World EV Day™ on September 9th. “Take the Pledge,” represents ANC’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.

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The pledge is a forward-thinking initiative, with ANC leading the way, promising to integrate at least 100 EVs into their fleets by 2025.

The campaign’s ultimate target is to unify the industry to convert over 500 national fleet vehicles to battery electric vehicles by 2025. Success will mean an estimated carbon reduction impact of 25 million kilograms over the next five years. 

This clarion call for change though isn’t limited to ANC’s fleet or direct commercial partners – their ‘Take the Pledge’ campaign is there to unify and inspire leading Australian companies to make the right decision and embrace wider emobility.

As Mo Abbas, Group Executive – Strategy and Marketing at ANC, states:

“[we] can’t transform last mile delivery on our own. So we’re inviting our industry peers, retailers and anyone with any commercial fleet to join us in making EV conversion commitments of their own. Together, we can make a real difference”.

Take the Pledge today

By joining this campaign, participants not only reduce their carbon footprint but also lead industries and companies in the active journey towards decarbonisation. Taking the pledge allows organizations to pioneer environmentally friendly practices within their fleets, setting a precedent for others to follow.

The campaign already has support from IKEA Australia, one of the world’s largest retailers:

“As the first home furnishing retailer in Australia to implement electric vehicles for home deliveries and assembly services, IKEA believes a zero emissions future is not only the responsible thing to do, but also makes good business sense. 

By 2025, IKEA is aiming for 100% of transport for customer deliveries and services to use electric vehicles (EV) or other zero-emission solutions. We’ve been proudly working on this journey with ANC since they deployed their first EV in 2019. IKEA is working closely with the EV industry as a member of the Electric Vehicle Council, road logistics industry, broader business community, the Federal Government and other stakeholders to come up with solutions and ideas to overcome challenges in the electrification of road transport.”

Alexandra Kelly, Zero Emissions Delivery Lead, IKEA Australia

ANC EV Launch Event; Sydney; November 2022

Decarbonisation is more vital now than ever, and ANC’s “Take the Pledge” campaign offers a tangible way to make a real difference. Regardless of fleet size, ANC encourages all potential partners from Australia and beyond, to make a pledge.

ANC will offer support to address queries and provide knowledge share support throughout the pledge, whether it’s for one vehicle or many. With an initial two-year timeframe for the campaign, there is ample opportunity to address any queries as we all work towards a greener future together.

To take the pledge and join ANC on this journey, visit their dedicated, brand-new website at

Embrace the pledge and play your part in shaping a sustainable and equitable future.

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