AMPECO and DEFA collaborate to supercharge European EV infrastructure 

  • AMPECO and DEFA team up to revolutionise European EV infrastructure.
  • Their partnership ensures compliance with intricate regulatory standards like AFIR.
  • DEFA’s advanced chargers, paired with AMPECO’s software, prioritise user experience and seamless transactions.

European EV infrastructure is getting a serious boost with AMPECO and DEFA’s latest partnership

Two industry giants, AMPECO and DEFA, have joined forces. Their partnership signals a pivotal moment in the quest for streamlined and compliant EV charging infrastructure across Europe.

DEFA’s state-of-the-art AC chargers boast compliance with OCPP 2.0.1 and ISO15118 standards. AMPECO is a global leader in EV charging management software. Together, they will tackle the intricate regulatory framework laid out in the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR). AFIR comes into effect in April 2024.

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Central to this alliance is their shared commitment to AFIR compliance. Leveraging DEFA’s acclaimed charger, DEFA Power, equipped with dynamic QR code displays, the partnership ensures transparent and secure payment transactions. This is a critical requirement under AFIR. It’s an innovative payment solution that not only meets regulatory standards but also enhances user experience, fostering a more efficient and interconnected EV charging network.

In addition, AMPECO’s payment terminal integrations complement DEFA’s charging stations. They facilitate ad hoc payments as mandated by AFIR. This streamlined approach promises smoother financial transactions for both Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and EV owners alike.

Anders Granquist, EVP at DEFA, commented:

“By joining forces with AMPECO, DEFA Power is not just setting a new benchmark for EVcharging technology; we are shaping the future of sustainable transportation in Europe. 

Our collaboration is built on a shared vision of innovation, excellence, and a commitment to the EV community. Together, we are driving towards a greener, more connected world. Importantly, our adherence to display and AFIR compliance is removing one of the biggest barriers in the EV industry – creating a secure and easy payment process for users.”

DEFA’s chargers are not just hardware; they serve as interactive communication hubs between CPOs and EV owners. With advanced displays providing real-time information, personalised messages, and promotional content, user engagement and satisfaction are prioritised.

Orlin Radev, CEO at AMPECO, stated:

“In this partnership, our focus is clear: to ensure CPOs can scale confidently, armed with the assurance of full compliance and the most advanced technology available, paving the way for a future where innovation and regulation go hand in hand.”

The partnership between AMPECO and DEFA heralds a new era in European EV charging infrastructure. By combining cutting-edge technology with regulatory adherence, they are driving towards a greener, more connected future of transportation.

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