Amey Surpasses Milestone on World EV Day 2023™

  • Amey South-West Trunk Roads celebrates World EV Day with 63.8% ULEV fleet.
  • They exceeded a key milestone ahead of schedule, showing a strong commitment to sustainability.
  • Amey’s partnership with Novuna Vehicle Solutions accelerates fleet electrification.

Amey reaches over 63% ultra-low emission vehicles in their fleet

With a resounding commitment to sustainability, Amey have announced a remarkable milestone. A whopping 63.8% of their car and van fleet (under 3.5 tonnes) now comprises ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs).

Amey has surpassed this ambitious milestone 20 months ahead of schedule on their 8-year trunk road network maintenance contract for Transport Scotland. Furthermore, this percentage exceeds the ambitious 50% target set for 2025.

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In August 2023, Amey made a substantial investment of £497,000 to bolster their EV fleet. They welcomed 13 electric Volkswagen ID.3 vehicles into their lineup, boasting an impressive mileage range of 250 to 270 miles. These vehicles have become instrumental in supporting highway supervisors in delivering crucial operational services across South-West Scotland.

Since the commencement of their trunk road maintenance contract in August 2020, Amey’s EVs in the South-West fleet have logged an impressive 75,455 miles. Notably, this translates to a remarkable carbon savings of 27tCO2e when compared to their fossil fuel counterparts. And the commitment to electrification remains unwavering, with Amey firmly implementing an “EV First” policy, ensuring that electric vehicles are the top choice for all new company cars.

Collaboration and infrastructure are key

Transport Scotland’s Polmadie depot in Glasgow has undergone a significant transformation, thanks to Amey’s dedication to EV infrastructure. The site now boasts an impressive 26 AC and 2 DC charging points, ensuring a seamless transition to electrification. And there’s more to come, with Amey earmarking their Ayr depot in South Ayrshire for the next phase of EV infrastructure enhancements.

This transformation wouldn’t be possible without the collaborative efforts of Novuna Vehicle Solutions, Amey’s leasing partner and a stalwart in sustainable fleet management. Together, they’re rapidly steering Amey’s 4,000+ strong fleet of cars, vans, and HGVs towards electrification.

“As pioneers in electrification, we’re delighted to be partnering with Amey at every stage of their electrification journey to meet their sustainability targets, transforming their fleet to net zero.

“This unparalleled strategy positions Novuna Vehicle Solutions and Amey at the forefront of sustainable business practices, demonstrating comprehensive, individualised solutions for fleet electrification and decarbonisation.”

Jon Lawes, Managing Director, Novuna Vehicle Solutions

As Amey’s transition to greener mobility gathers momentum, Novuna Vehicle Solutions remains steadfast in supporting their bespoke depot charging infrastructure needs, fundamental to their business activity.

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