Amazon reveals their latest 100-percent electric Rivian-made van

Amazon News has released footage of its first 100-percent electric delivery van that has been made by Rivian, who is a US electric truck and vehicle producer. The online retailer currently has 100s of electric vehicles on the roads around the globe and has also invested in charging infrastructure. The Rivian is just their latest addition that will be ready to hit the roads of the USA in 2021.

Rivian CEO, RJ Scaringe, has said that the van developed for Amazon is so much more than just an electric truck. He said the emphasis has been on safety for the driver and other road users, as well as making it the perfect delivery van.

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Rivian has increased driver visibility, improved movement in and out of the van, and added leading driver-assist and navigation equipment. It’s good to see a 360-degree camera system with cabin display so operators are aware of all their surroundings. It even features Amazon’s Alexa voice controls for hands-free use.

Amazon has ordered 100,000 electric vehicles to reduce its carbon footprint with a plan of net-zero carbon by 2040 as part of their Climate Pledge commitment. The online retailer plans to have 10,000 electric vans on the road by 2022, and aim to increase this figure ten-fold with 100,000 electric trucks by 2030. Along with Rivian, Amazon has ordered electric trucks from a range of producers, including Mercedes in Europe.

With the rise in online sales and deliveries, especially since the global Covid-19 pandemic, it’s good to see firms are taking their responsibilities seriously. Amazon has been using electric vehicles across the globe and we have seen delivery firm DPD working with Volta in the UK. Hopefully, more delivery firms will jump on-board to help with this essential change in the way deliveries are made.

Ross Rachey, Director of Amazon’s Global Fleet and Products, said: “When we set out to create our first customised electric delivery vehicle with Rivian. We knew that it needed to far surpass any other delivery vehicle. We combined Rivian’s technology with our delivery logistics knowledge, and the result is what you see here-the future of last-mile delivery.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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