Amazon is Expanding its Fleet in Europe with Rivian’s Electric Delivery Vans

  • Amazon introduces Rivian’s electric delivery vans in Europe.
  • Initial shipment of 300 vans to Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf.
  • Rivian’s custom electric delivery vans are specially designed for European roads.

Rivian have delivered 300 custom electric delivery vans, marking their first placement in Europe 

Rivian’s delivery to Amazon marks their first venture outside of the United States. The initial shipment of 300 vans will soon be seen on the streets of Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf. 

With a fleet of over 1,000 electric vans in Germany, Amazon is making significant strides toward its 2040 net-zero target. At this point, Amazon has invested more than €1 billion to electrify its European transportation network.

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“Amazon is committed to reaching net-zero carbon by 2040, and reducing our delivery-related emissions is a critical part of this goal.

Last year we delivered more than 45 million packages in Germany with electric vans and e-cargo bikes, and these new additions from Rivian will help us deliver packages more sustainably and to more customers.”

Rocco Bräuniger, Country Manager for Amazon

Rivian conducted rigorous testing using pre-production vehicles and incorporated valuable feedback to enhance performance, safety, comfort, functionality, and durability. The European variant of the Rivian delivery van is shorter and thinner, catering to European roads.

The custom vans boast several notable features. A spacious windshield offers enhanced driver visibility, while advanced driver assistance systems provide critical functionalities such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and collision warnings. 

Additionally, the vans use integrated technology that streamlines the delivery workflow, including routing, navigation, and driver support. Ergonomically designed cabins and cargo areas ensure maximum comfort, while reinforced construction on the driver’s side door enhances safety. 

Rivian’s entry into the European market comes after a temporary pause in their joint venture with Mercedes-Benz. Rivian’s decision to prioritize its consumer vehicle business and focus on collaborating with Amazon halted production plans. However, reports suggest that Rivian has been discussing the removal of exclusivity clauses with Amazon to explore other commercial opportunities.

Amazon is taking a significant step toward achieving its ambitious environmental goals while catering to a growing customer base.

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