Alpha Motor Corporation announces European distribution partnership with Peicher Automotive

US automaker Alpha Motor Corporation (Alpha) and Peicher Automotive, a European distributor, have entered into a non-exclusive letter of intent (LOI) to underline a mutually beneficial business relationship between the two companies. Peicher Automotive intends to distribute Alpha Motor Corporation’s electric vehicles (EVs) and products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Alpha is an award-winning American automobile company focused on manufacturing mobility solutions. Based in Irvine, California, Alpha is creating a range of great-looking electric vehicles (EVs) for all types of drivers. These include the REX utility vehicle, the model SAGA saloonand Supersaga, Wolf electric pickup and Ace electric car. 

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Peicher Automotive is an Austrian company strategically located in the Austrian automotive region. As a partner of renowned automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), it offers a wide range of services including the import of pick-up trucks and muscle cars from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. 

Peicher Automotive plans to provide regional support to Alpha Motor Corporation as a distributor, sales partner and service station for related commercial, aftermarket and logistics matters.

Anton Peicher, Peicher Automotive CEO and owner, said: “This business relationship is a great way forward for both companies. Alpha Motor Corporation`s vehicles are a real enrichment for the whole automotive industry by combining classic styling lines with future technology and modern design elements. 

“We are very happy and proud to partner up with Alpha Motors and therefore be able to bring those great vehicles and products onto European roads in the DACH region.”

Bringing Alpha to European Roads

The envisaged cooperative framework will allow Alpha Motor Corporation to continue its focus on working towards mass commercialisation of its electric vehicles, with the assistance and support from an experienced full-service partner such as Peicher Automotive.

Peicher Automotive

Jada Lee, Alpha Motor Corporation co-founder, said: “We anticipate an increasing demand from the DACH region and an alliance with Peicher Automotive will enable us to expand our global reach in an organised and scalable manner.” 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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