Allstar teams up with Plug Me In to streamline EV charging setup for fleets

  • Allstar joins forces with Plug Me In to simplify the process of installing EV charge points for businesses.
  • Joint effort provides a comprehensive service, covering on-site surveys, charger selection, and ongoing maintenance to streamline the complex installation process.
  • Plug Me In streamlines home charger installations, addressing the rising demand for EVs amid the 2035 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles, while charge points and installations pose key challenges for businesses in varying stages of electrification.

Allstar and Plug Me In power up for effortless EV charging, simplifying the setup process

Allstar, a leading UK provider of fuel, EV, and business expense solutions, has announced a partnership with Plug Me In to revolutionise the intricate installation of electric vehicle charge points for homes and workplaces, offering businesses a simplified and efficient process.

The partnership looks to deliver an all-encompassing service – from on-site surveys to charger selection and ongoing maintenance – streamlining the often-confusing process.

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Ashley Tate, Managing Director Allstar Chargepass in the UK said: 

“It’s become clear that the process of home charger installation has become far too convoluted, with an array of suppliers on the market, many businesses don’t know where to turn. This can be very time consuming and put a significant strain on a business looking to adopt EV. On top of that, there’s still the daunting task of managing charging costs and compensating drivers for their home and public charging. But with this partnership, we will be able to significantly reduce these problems for fleets of all sizes streamlining the experience of installing home and workplace chargers.”

Plug Me In takes charge, directly engaging with employees during home charger installations, reclaiming valuable time for businesses, ensuring peace of mind, and offering visibility into installation progress. Additionally, they recommend Allstar-compatible charge points, like Allstar Homecharge, streamlining home charging payments and enhancing efficiency for both businesses and drivers.

Andrew Stead, Commercial Director at Plug Me In, said: 

“This fantastic new partnership is perfectly placed to allow Plug Me In to support Allstar’s extensive network of fleets as they adopt electric vehicles. Our customer-focused, streamlined approach will simplify and speed up how businesses manage charging of their EV fleets. We’re excited to see where this partnership goes as both our companies continue to thrive in this space.”

​​Amidst soaring demand for EVs, surpassing 840,000 fully electric cars and 520,000 plug-in hybrids on UK roads, the impending 2035 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles looms. Despite rapid growth, numerous businesses lag in electrification, grappling with charge points and installations as pivotal challenges across fleets of all sizes.

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