Allstar expands its EV charging network by nearly 30% 

  • Allstar expands EV charging network by 30% with Ionity, Raw Charging, and Weev.
  • Network surpasses 18,000 charge points, 28,000 connectors, prioritizing fast charging.
  • Allstar aims for the UK’s largest EV network, supporting sustainable transportation and business needs.

Strategic partnerships push the Allstar EV charging network to a near 30% boost

Allstar, a leading electric vehicle (EV) and business payment company in the UK, has expanded its EV charging network by almost 30%. This expansion comes with the addition of three new charge point operators—Ionity, Raw Charging, and Weev—to the Allstar network.

This move propels Allstar’s overall network size to over 18,000 charge points and an impressive 28,000 connectors. This provides a substantial boost in roaming capabilities for EV customers across the UK. The company is strategically focused on minimizing charging time to keep business vehicles on the road. Allstar have dedicated an impressive 99.5% of it’s charging network to fast, rapid, and ultra-rapid charging.

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Allstar plans to establish the largest EV network in the UK for businesses. As such the company aims to increase the number of charge points by 4,000 through its new partnerships with Ionity, Raw Charging, and Weev.

This expansion aligns with the increasing demand for EV infrastructure, as noted by the SMMT. The SMMT reported that EVs accounted for one in six new cars registered in the UK in 2023. Business and fleet buyers account for the majority of the purchases. These stats underscore the need for robust charging infrastructure to support drivers on the road.

Allstar’s innovative solution, Chargepass, simplifies payment for EV charging, catering to fleets of all fuel configurations. It’s the sole UK solution enabling customers to manage both home and on-the-road charging for electric and mixed fleets. This flexibility is crucial as businesses increasingly shift away from fossil fuels.

Ashley Tate, Managing Director of Allstar Chargepass UK,

“It is increasingly clear that businesses are investing in their EV capabilities, and we are committed to supporting them every step of the way. That means ensuring our network meets the changing needs of fleets. That’s why we’ve bolstered our network; not only how we increased the number of charge points by over 30% but ensured that they are the right kind for our drivers, prioritising fast, rapid and ultra rapid capabilities. It’s essential they can not only easily access a charge point but get back on the road as quickly as possible.”

Allstar’s expansion marks a significant stride towards establishing the largest EV network in the UK for businesses. This lives up to their ambition of addressing the evolving needs of fleets as electrification sweeps the sector.

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