Allstar and DPD forge strategic alliance to propel electric fleet transition

  • Allstar and DPD join forces for DPD’s net-zero goal by 2040 and streamline an electric fleet transition.
  • Allstar Chargepass simplifies EV payments, leading DPD’s on-road fleet transactions.
  • The collaboration aims to streamline operations, expand EV access, and promote electric vehicle adoption in last-mile delivery.

Allstar partners with DPD to push the delivery giant towards an entirely electric fleet

Allstar, a prominent player in UK electric vehicle (EV) payments have entered into a strategic partnership with DPD. The collaboration underscores DPD’s commitment to achieving a net-zero carbon footprint by 2040.

DPD, known for its extensive fleet, plans to electrify 40% of its vehicles by 2024. That means EVs will power the delivery of 100 million parcels with over 3,600 electric vehicles. Allstar’s role in this alliance, specifically through its payment solution, Allstar Chargepass, will streamline the charging processes for DPD.

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A key facet of this collaboration is Allstar’s expanded role as the primary provider for on-the-road fleet payments. This encompasses both EV and traditional fuel transactions for DPD. This consolidation will simplify financial operations and align with the shared objective of achieving net-zero emissions across their respective fleets.

Ashley Tate, Managing Director of Allstar Chargepass UK, stated:

“As a company committed to the EV transition in fleets, we’re proud to be extending our partnership with DPD to continue simplifying the transition for drivers. The delivery industry is not only responsible for its own emissions, but also its partners’ net zero strategies, meaning the pressure is on to speed up efforts.

“Our partnership will make electric vehicles more accessible to drivers and serves as a significant milestone in our shared commitment to achieve net zero across fleets.”

Allstar Chargepass empowers DPD drivers with access to an extensive EV network, featuring over 14,000 charge points across 4,000 locations. From slow to ultra-rapid charging options, this network caters to the diverse needs of drivers navigating the delivery landscape.

Noteworthy within Chargepass is Allstar Homecharge, facilitating uncomplicated and precise payment for business-use EV charging at home. This practical solution enhances convenience for drivers and supports DPD’s push to encourage EV adoption by providing a viable charging option at home.

Olly Craughan, the Head of Sustainability at DPD says: 

“The collaboration with Allstar provides another solution for DPD to utilise in its journey towards decarbonising its final mile delivery fleet. The Allstar Chargepass and Allstar Homecharge solutions encourage our drivers to make the switch to electric due to the simplicity and convenience that charging at home can bring, as well as the option to use Allstar’s roaming public charging network.”

The alliance between Allstar and DPD signifies a pivotal stride toward an achievable and massive electric fleet. The partnership combines financial efficiency, accessibility, and environmental responsibility in the rapidly evolving landscape of last-mile delivery.

Paul Holland, Managing Director of UK Fleet, Fleetcor, including Allstar, says: 

“It’s incredibly satisfying to see our relationship with DPD grow and evolve, and for Allstar to be their lead payment solution provider. Supporting our clients in their transition strategy is an absolute priority for Allstar, and DPD is yet another example of how we’re not only providing sustainable solutions for our partners, but also empowering drivers to make the switch.”

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