All-new BYD ATTO 3 electric car debuts in the UK

Chinese electric car producer Build Your Dreams (BYD), the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEVs) and power batteries, is introducing a new brand and new technology to the UK automotive marketplace. The all-new, all-electric BYD ATTO 3 is now available to order in the UK with customer deliveries starting from 15 March 2023.

The first BYD ‘Pioneer’ stores will open imminently and are situated in Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Milton Keynes. Prices for the new BYD ATTO 3 electric car will start from £36,490.

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With more than 28 years of experience in battery research and development, BYD is globally renowned for its pioneering technology and world-leading innovations in emobility solutions. BYD is the only new energy vehicle producer to have developed its own powertrain systems, power batteries, automotive semiconductors, drive motors and motor controller systems. 

Since 2013, BYD has been present in the UK market with its pure-electric buses. These have driven more than 43 million kilometres, therefore, reducing CO2 emissions by the equivalent of 46,000 tonnes. BYD now launches in the UK automotive marketplace with the BYD ATTO 3 bringing pinnacle technology and revolutionary battery expertise.

The new BYD ATTO 3 is a spacious electric sport utility vehicle (SUV). It combines neat modern aesthetics with exceptional intelligence and efficiency derived from pioneering electric vehicle (EV) technology and smart connectivity. 

The elegant BYD ATTO 3, with its distinctive sloping silhouette, has been designed by Wolfgang Egger with the European customer in mind. It offers a stylish fun-inspired choice, complete with high levels of standard equipment.

Three model variants will feature in the range with ‘Active’, ‘Comfort’ and the ‘Design’ trim levels. Comfort and Design models will be available for sale in the first quarter of 2023 and Active in the second quarter of 2023 as part of phase 1 of BYD’s car launch into the UK market. Further details and specifications can be found below. 


ACTIVE £36,490

COMFORT £36,990

DESIGN £38,99

Michael Shu, General Manager and Managing Director, BYD Europe and International Cooperation Division, said: BYD’s passenger car business has developed rapidly. We have made some preparations for the British market and brought a new product matrix, including our first car – the BYD ATTO 3. 

“At present, BYD has served a total of 3.5 million car owners. We hope to bring these experiences to the United Kingdom which we recognise as one of the top European markets. 

“With the advantages of BYD’s core technology, cost and production capacity, combined with the localised resources of local dealer groups, we will bring diversified choices to consumers and provide great customer service.”

Ground-Breaking BYD EV Technology – developed for safety, efficiency and performance

The BYD ATTO 3 is the first SUV to be built on BYD’s ultra-intelligent, next-generation e-Platform 3.0 for the ultimate in safety, system efficiency, integrated vehicle intelligence and performance. This also creates larger cabin space. 

BYD’s new generation e-Platform 3.0 is at the forefront of EV innovation. It comprises the world’s first mass-produced highly integrated 8-in-1 electric powertrain connecting all electric control units and management systems. Such seamless deep integration delivers overall system efficiency of 89 per cent. 

Other core features at the heart of the e-Platform 3.0 are the BYD Blade Battery and the high-efficiency heat pump. Featuring the industry’s first direct cooling and heating system for power batteries, increasing thermal efficiency by up to 20 per cent in the winter, the innovative system uses the residual heat from surroundings. With intelligent thermal management, efficiency is achieved in a wide range of temperatures with an excellent low temperature driving range

The BYD ATTO 3 also features ground-breaking battery technology, evolving from over 28 years of expertise in this specialist sphere, providing new levels of safety, durability and performance, as well as increased battery space utilisation. The revolutionary, ultra-safe Blade Battery has surpassed the Nail Penetration Test, regarded as the Mount Everest of battery safety tests. 

The cobalt-free Blade Battery uses Lithium Iron-Phosphate (LFP) as its cathode material, which offers a much higher level of safety than conventional lithium-ion batteries. LFP has inherently excellent thermal stability and significantly, is cobalt-free. LFP is also a very durable material. Efficiency and longer range are further benefits of the Blade Battery, providing more power density for optimum performance and efficiencies, including faster charging.

Optimum Performance and Handling for a Better Driving Experience 

Combined, this integrated technology has been developed to deliver optimum performance and a better driving experience. With the 60.48kWh Blade Battery combined with the permanent magnet synchronous motor, the BYD ATTO 3 can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100kph) in just 7.3 seconds. 

Impressive Charging, Range and Efficiency

BYD ATTO 3 has a reassuring combined WLTP electric range of 260 miles and 351 miles city range with energy consumption as low as 3.98 miles/kWh (WLTP) and 5.13 miles/kWh (city). Charging power is 11kW AC 3 (Comfort and Design). 

High performance is also achieved when it comes to recharging. With a 150KW DC charger, the battery can be replenished from 30% to 80% in just 29 minutes. Overnight charging from an almost empty battery to full range can be completed in just 6.5 hours. BYD ATTO 3 (all three trims) are also equipped with vehicle-to-load (V2L) function so external devices can easily be charged by the car battery

Ultra-Safe with High Levels of Standard Equipment 

The BYD ATTO 3 has a comprehensive suite of standard safety and driver assistance equipment. BYD ATTO 3 scored a five-star rating in Euro NCAP safety tests. It achieved a score 91% for adult occupant protection and 89% for child occupant protection.

All models feature Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Rear Collision Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Brake, Lane Keep Assistance, Lane Change Assist and Emergency Lane Keep.  

In addition, further driver aids include Blind Spot Detection System, Electronic Stability Program, Electronic Brake Distribution, Electric Parking Brake, Antilock Braking System, Automatic Vehicle Hold, Traction Control, Hill Decent Control, Traffic Sign Recognition, Intelligent Speed Limit Information and Intelligent Speed Limit Control.

Smart connectivity and leading infotainment are other primary elements of the BYD ATTO 3, which is equipped with DiLink 4.0 (4G) intelligent connection system bringing leading technology experiences, and Over the Air (OTA) updates as part of the iCloud service. 

GPS Navigation features as standard. A focal feature inside the BYD ATTO 3 is unique the 12.8 rotatable touchscreen (15.6 inch on Design versions) with voice recognition delivering an abundance of connected experiences, and integrated Apps including Apple CarPlay.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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