ALD introduces e-cargo bikes for last-mile logistics

ALD, the fleet managing and operational car leasing company, has announced it is introducing electric cargo bikes in Holland. The company will offer e-cargo bikes from brands including Citkar (see below), Fulpra (see above), Goupil and SunRider to help with last-mile deliveries.

With the growing number of zero emissions zones in urban locations, these vehicles are ideal for logistics duties. From 2025, many more cities in the Netherlands will also introduce  emission zones. This will affect mostly trucks and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) normally associated with city deliveries. 

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ALD has responded to this with its flexible lease solution of e-cargo bike offerings and light electric freight vehicles (LEFVs). These include e-bikes, e-scooters and mini electric trucks, all being offered with storage space for parcels, food, tools or supplies.

With LEFVs being so much smaller they are ideal for city work. They not only offer zero emissions but are quick and easy through traffic and have a much lower impact on congestion and parking. 

Circet, a maintenance and installation service provider of telecom and energy solutions, have been working with ALD on a pilot scheme. They have been trialling a variety of LEFVs, including the e-cargo bike from Citkar, since much of their work takes place in inner cities. 

Sven van der Pluijm, Service & Management at Circet Benelux, said: “Employees who work with e-cargo bikes find it very pleasant to use. To give an example; parking is never a problem and they can often get from A to B faster because they avoid traffic jams by bike. 

“One of the most striking insights we have gained is that we have been able to tap into a whole new labour market potential thanks to the use of LEFV solutions. Employees who do not have a B driving license are also allowed to drive e-cargo bikes such as those from Citkar.”

The Citkar e-cargo bike

Companies who need these vehicles to move goods within the zero emission zones can lease the e-cargo vehicles flexibly for one month or more to experience how they work in the real world.  

Jelle Oosterhoff, ALD Automotive Manager MaaS & Consultancy, said: “The switch from a traditional diesel truck to an e-cargo bike or scooter can be very big for riders. That is precisely why we offer the possibility of short terms, to try it out in practice. 

“This is how you discover which vehicle best suits your business; a Fulpra because of its large payload, or the Sunrider, which is independent of charging facilities thanks to solar energy. Together with customers, we look for the best last-mile solutions. In addition, we also map out the CO2 impact and costs.”

We think this is a great idea from ALD because it allows companies to use different types of zero emissions vehicles for last-mile deliveries. Plus, this helps companies try e-cargo bikes, especially smaller companies, without the huge outlay of buying fleets outright. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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