ALD Automotive | Leaseplan UK’s World EV Day™ study shows that practicality trumps brand loyalty

  • 86% of business drivers don’t prioritize brand in vehicle choice.
  • Fleet drivers focus on value for money (36%) and reliability (33%).
  • 62% of business drivers consider electric cars; ALD Automotive | LeasePlan UK offers transition support.

ALD Automotive | Leasplan UK study shows that business drivers prioritize practicality over brand loyalty

In a rapidly evolving automotive landscape, brand loyalty is losing its grip on the minds of business drivers. A study conducted by vehicle leasing experts ALD Automotive | Leaseplan UK (ALD | LeasePlan) reveals that a staggering 86% of drivers do not prioritize brand when selecting their vehicles.

The study surveyed 2,000 UK drivers, with 513 of them being business drivers. The top priority for fleet drivers was price or value for money, commanding the attention of 36% of respondents. 

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Right on its heels were reliability (33%) and fuel efficiency (31%). Fleet drivers, it seems, are a discerning bunch, with a substantial 70% expressing a desire for specific features in their vehicles.

Parking sensors and cameras, favoured by 53% of the respondents, were the most sought-after features. This was closely followed by satellite navigation at 41%. Meanwhile, 36% expressed a preference for vehicles equipped with heated seats or steering wheels.

When it comes to the type of vehicles business drivers are considering, 47% have SUVs on their radar, with 31% leaning towards hatchbacks and 22% eyeing saloons. Interestingly, electric cars have emerged as a strong contender in the preferences of business drivers, as a notable 62% expressed a desire to drive one, compared to 38% in the general population.

Moreover, 32% of these prospective electric car drivers are open to purchasing or leasing from lesser-known automotive brands if it facilitates the transition to electric. Reduction of air pollution stands as the most compelling selling point for electric vehicles, drawing the attention of almost half (45%) of respondents. Other motivators include the belief that electric vehicles represent the future of driving (42%) and the appeal of silent driving (40%).

Allfonso Martinez, UK Managing Director of ALD Automotive | LeasePlan UK, said:  

“In the past, fleet decision makers often tended to favour a particular manufacturer over others. However, this has shifted in recent years with the increased diversification of the automotive market.  

“Drivers are now more open-minded when it comes to their vehicle, particularly if it offers them the things that are most important to them, namely good value for money and the latest in-car technology.  

“This is especially true when it comes to electric vehicles, where new and exciting brands are challenging conventional norms and bringing innovative solutions to UK drivers.”

To further assist fleet managers in transitioning to electric vehicles, ALD | LeasePlan offers a suite of free online tools. This includes an EV readiness assessment, a driver EV compatibility analysis, a commercial vehicle suitability assessment, and an EV charge cost calculator. All of these are aimed at facilitating a seamless EV transition.

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