ALD Automotive | Leaseplan jointly unveil a new brand identity: Ayvens

  • ALD Automotive | LeasePlan unveil Ayvens, a new powerhouse in global mobility.
  • Ayvens leads with the world’s largest electric vehicle fleet, championing sustainable mobility.
  • Ayvens’ brand identity symbolizes progress and unity, reflecting its commitment to a greener future.

Ayvens will combine the force of ALD Automotive | Leaseplan to accelerate EV adoption and innovation 

In a monumental move, global mobility leaders ALD Automotive | LeasePlan have jointly unveiled Ayvens. The companies merged earlier this year, so the re-brand signals a new era. Ayvens will operate with a vision of mobility that is not just simpler, but also more intelligent and sustainable.

Ayvens is backed by the world’s largest multi-brand electric vehicle (EV) fleet, a staggering 3.4 million vehicles managed globally. This achievement cements Ayvens’ position as a trailblazer in sustainable mobility, leading the charge toward a net-zero future and steering the digital transformation of the industry.

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Tim Albertsen, Group Chief Executive Officer of Ayvens, formerly ALD Automotive | LeasePlan, commented:

“Each day is an opportunity to move better, and we all have a role to play. By joining forces, our company is ready to lead the way to the large-scale adoption of sustainable mobility thanks to our size, coverage, service expertise and commitment to innovation,” 

The name itself, Ayvens, speaks of progress and unity. It’s intended to symbolize stability and dynamism, endorsed globally by its majority shareholder, Societe Generale. Coupled with vibrant, nature-inspired colours and dynamic fonts, Ayvens’ visual representation captures the company’s commitment to a greener future. 

With the tagline “Better with every move,” Ayvens encapsulates its dedication to continuous progress. This ambitious venture is set to unfold in 2024 across 44 countries, catering to diverse client segments and digital platforms. In the UK, the operational launch is scheduled for the summer of 2024.

Albertsen continued:

“As a major player in the mobility sector, we will leverage our power of leadership to shape the future of mobility and achieve excellence. This new brand identity will not only allow our 15,700 employees to share a new common identity, but it also reflects how we are changing to accompany our clients’ needs for greater choice, freedom and value and will help us increase market and client awareness, as well as attract the very best talent around the world.”

Ayvens stands poised at the forefront of a sustainable transportation revolution. By combining forces, the company is leveraging its vast reach, service expertise, and innovation to pave the way for emobility. We’re excited to see the impact Ayvens will have on the mobility landscape. Collaboration is becoming a more common theme across the emobility industry, such as with the adoption of NACS. Companies worldwide seem to be appreciating the strength that comes with cooperation, and the subsequent streamlining and ease that can bring to EV drivers. 

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