ALD Automotive | LeasePlan Announce the UK Integration Committee

  • The UK Integration Committee, led by Alfonso Martinez and Tim Laver, aims to strengthen connections and offer innovative, eco-conscious mobility solutions.
  • The Committee will focus on boosting technology, implementing green practices, and shaping a sustainable future for the fleet management industry.
  • ALD Automotive and LeasePlan merged in May to form a global sustainable mobility player with 3.3 million vehicles.

Following their significant merger earlier this year, ALD Automotive and LeasePlan have formed the UK Integration Committee

ALD Automotive successfully acquired LeasePlan back in May 2023, creating a leading global sustainable mobility player with 3.3 million vehicles. Alfonso Martinez Cordero led as the UK Country Managing Director, and Tim Laver served as Deputy Country Managing Director. 

Subject to regulatory approval, the integration process will now begin. If handled correctly, this merger could shape the fleet management industry’s evolution, showing their commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. 

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Today, they have announced their UK Integration Committee, made up of handpicked leaders from both ALD Automotive and LeasePlan. Alfonso Martinez and Tim Laver will guide the Committee.

Meet the UK Integration Committee:

Chris Black: Commercial Director

Rudolf Cellier: Finance Director

Anna Woodward: Risk & Compliance Director

Lisa McGowan: Strategy & Transformation Director

Charlie Pantlin: IT & Digital Director

Attila Dobos: Operations Director

David Rodriguez: Remarketing Director

Steve Jones: Customer Service Director

Jo Monk: HR Director

Lisa Wilkinson: Legal Director

The main focus is to strengthen the connection between ALD Automotive and LeasePlan, forging a shared, sustainable vision. They’ll boost their technological capabilities and offer innovative mobility solutions to customers. The Committee will develop eco-conscious practices, reducing environmental impact and promoting green transportation.

“Our Integration Committee represents the very best of the combined experience, expertise and energy that has already delivered such great results for our organisation. Together, our Committee members will serve as a unifying force as we shape our digital transformation and lead the way to a sustainable future for the mobility industry.

 I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude and best wishes to those who have served on our executive management teams but have chosen not to continue with us. Your contributions and commitment to both our company and the wider industry are immeasurable.

To our entire team – thank you for your unwavering positivity throughout the transformation process as we embark on this new, exciting chapter. Together we’ll leverage our combined strength to create a shared vision for a better future for our customers, stakeholders and the wider world.”

Alfonso Martinez, UK Managing Director, ALD Automotive | LeasePlan

We’re interested to see how the Committee will define the future of these EV fleet titans. The collaboration, and in this case, acquisition, is a valuable tool in propelling sustainable practises together, rather than forging ahead alone. 

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