ALD Automotive and ChargePoint partner to create new electric vehicle (EV) charging business in Europe

ALD Automotive, a leading global sustainable mobility player, has signed an international agreement with ChargePoint Holdings Inc, a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, to create a new EV charging business in Europe for international and local corporate clients. The joint initiative aims to create a unique electric Mobility Service Provider (eMSP) to accelerate corporate fleet electrification.

Powered by ChargePoint’s best-in-class technology, the new charging business will provide drivers of corporate fleets with one simple charging solution for easy access, payments and reimbursement reports. Drivers will access a charging network of over 485,000 charging ports across Europe, with a single dedicated app and charging card offering charging at home, in the office or on the road.

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To control and monitor charging expenses, fleet managers will benefit from a unique, consolidated reporting and invoicing solution that provides an overview of all charging costs. 

Public, workplace, depot and home charging costs will be provided in one single dashboard to enable further control over the full eco-system in a unique and holistic manner. This is particularly relevant for fleet managers who manage their EV fleets through multi-leasing companies and charging wall box providers.

This new EV charging business for fleets is a reinforcement of the partnership between ALD Automotive and ChargePoint who have been working closely since 2019 together to offer a comprehensive portfolio of bundled leasing and charging services.

The eMSP will be headquartered in Paris region and is expected to go live in the final quarter 2023. It will start in France and the Netherlands and be followed closely by Belgium and Germany. There will be subsequent roll-out in eight European countries, including Italy, the UK, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Finland and Norway, by 2025. 

The parties expect that the new business will be progressively extended to further geographies over time, as well as to small and medium companies, leasing companies and private individuals, in addition to carbon brokerage service, such as vehicle-to-grid and carbon credits, in the medium term.

Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint CEO, said: “With this agreement, we are expanding our relationship with ALD Automotive, and enabling more businesses to electrify their fleets.

“Together, ChargePoint and ALD Automotive will enable more businesses and drivers frictionless access to simple and reliable charging, opening up the millions of lease company controlled vehicles in Europe to the EV revolution.”

Tim Albertsen, ALD CEO, said: “With ChargePoint, our goal is to simplify and facilitate access to EV charging services for corporate fleets. This new venture allows ALD Automotive to take an additional stake in the EV ecosystem value chain while further advancing Green Tech for mobility.

“We believe that this unique charging value-proposition for fleets will be a game changer in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. With one of the largest multi-make fleets of electric vehicles worldwide, we take our responsibility of facilitating the energy transition seriously and are set on making sustainable mobility a reality.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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