Aira’s clean energy-tech is transforming 5 million homes, slashing costs by 55% and sparking a gas-free revolution 

  • Swedish clean energy-tech company, Aira, takes on Italy, leading Europe away from gas with a decarbonisation boost. 
  • Aira targets 5 million households in Europe, including 1 million in Italy, with affordable clean energy-tech solutions over the next decade.
  • Aira unveils a full suite of clean energy technologies, promising Italian households a 55% slash in energy costs with reduced CO₂ emissions, leaving fossil fuels in the rearview.

Swedish company Aira brings affordable clean energy solutions to 1 million Italian homes, growing to 5 million across Europe within 10 years

This month, Swedish clean energy-tech pioneer, Aira, launched in Italy with a mission to shift Europe away from gas and drive decarbonisation. Their goal is to serve 5 million households in Europe, including 1 million in Italy, with affordable clean energy solutions over the next decade. Aira provides a range of solutions, from intelligent heat pumps to solar panels and battery storage, offering Italian households a 55% reduction in energy costs and a lower carbon footprint compared to current fossil fuel options.

Italy faces a notable challenge with 67% of households relying on fossil fuels for heating, contributing significantly to the residential heating sector’s 12% share of the nation’s total CO₂ emissions. The shift toward electrification of heating stands as a crucial catalyst for both Italy and Europe to meet the ambitious Fit-for-55 targets.

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Mats Ulriksson, Aira Italy CEO, said: 

“We are excited to bring our experience in the clean energy and sustainability sector to Italy. With our passion and expertise in innovation and sustainability, we have the ambition to become protagonists in the country’s energy transformation, promoting economic growth and reducing environmental impact. Together, we can build a brighter and greener future.”

Switching from a gas boiler to Aira’s heat pump isn’t just a smart move – it’s a game-changer. Homes can slash over 40% off heating costs and crush energy consumption and CO₂ emissions by a whopping 75%. Aira makes this affordable and hassle-free, offering an all-inclusive plan, a comfort guarantee, and a 30-day promise from order to installation – with no upfront costs. Plus, Italians get a sweet deal with subsidised financing and expert support for snagging those tax deductions, ensuring a pocket-friendly monthly payment plan. 

Martin Lewerth, Aira Group CEO, said: 

“Italy is a crucial market to decarbonise, being one of Europe’s most populated countries, and with a heat pump penetration rate of only 6%. We are excited to introduce Aira’s innovative home energy solution in Italy and we are confident that our offering and value proposition, which includes substantial consumer cost savings, no need for lifestyle changes, and a zero upfront payment model, will be well-received. We are here to accelerate the important and much needed transition from dirty gas boilers to clean heat pumps.”

Aira is not just a clean energy-tech provider – it’s spearheading a revolution in the industry. Positioned to be Europe’s leading direct-to-consumer brand, Aira is fast-tracking the electrification of residential heating with intelligent clean energy solutions, a crucial step toward a collective net-zero future. Offering complete home energy solutions, with intelligent heat pumps at its core, Aira’s consumer-centric subscription model and vertical integration ensure top-notch economics and cost leadership. More than a provider, Aira’s mission is a call to action — empowering individuals to join the clean energy revolution, one home at a time.

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