Advanced Bikes have made ebikes even more environmentally friendly

  • The sustainable ebike brand, Advanced Bikes’ Reco, has made its debut in the UK market, delivering the first batch of market-ready bikes to stockists.
  • The production facility in Germany aims to become the first carbon-neutral ebike brand by 2025, utilising renewable energy and a hydrogen storage system.
  • The Reco bikes feature a unique injection-moulded carbon composite chassis that is 100% recyclable, saving CO2 emissions and offering a 30-year warranty.

Advanced Bikes’ Reco: Market-ready ebikes now available in the UK

Eagerly awaited Reco ebikes from Advanced Bikes are finally available in the UK. These market-ready electric bikes are purpose-built for environmentally conscious riders.

Advanced Bikes operates a cutting-edge production facility in Germany, with the ambition to become the world’s first climate-neutral ebike brand by 2025. Their plant is a showcase of renewable energy, powered entirely by solar, wind, and hydrogen storage.

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The new Reco bikes feature an injection-moulded carbon composite chassis. This groundbreaking design ensures that the bike is 100% recyclable, without sacrificing any strength or durability. The process has reduced Advanced Bikes CO2 emissions by 68% compared to traditional aluminium frames.

These frames, in addition to their 30-year warranty, offer the opportunity for recycling and repurposing into new components, actively contributing to a circular economy.

With a daily production capacity of 150 bikes, Advanced Bikes aims to expand to an annual production of 100,000 units. The rapid production of these bikes is a telling sign of the booming popularity of ebikes and electric mobility. Advanced Bikes logged €52 million worth of sales in 2022, and the advanced production of their Reco ebikes is creating hundreds of job opportunities throughout this year.

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