Abarth marks 75th anniversary with new look at its exclusive Fiat 600e SUV edition

  • Abarth debuts 75th anniversary 600e SUV, with exclusive ‘Scorpionissima’ edition.
  • Bold redesign includes lowered stance, widened footprint, and striking acid yellow accents.
  • Modern cabin features sporty seats and advanced infotainment, promising a dynamic driving experience.

The 600e SUV Scorpionissima edition is the pinnacle of Abarth’s future on its momentous 75th anniversary

Abarth, the celebrated Italian performance brand, has commemorated its 75th anniversary. The iconic brand celebrated with a look at the latest addition to its lineup: the 600e SUV. In a nod to its past, Abarth introduces the limited launch edition ‘Scorpionissima’, an exclusive model reserved for just 1,949 buyers.

This newest iteration of the Abarth 600e undergoes a dramatic visual overhaul. Lowered ride height, widened stance, and distinctive acid-yellow accents, including brake callipers and Scorpion badges, redefine its exterior aesthetics. From the pronounced air damn to the muscular rear bumper and imposing roof-mounted spoiler, every detail speaks to a commitment to performance.

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Inside the cabin, the Abarth 600e presents a cockpit designed with driving enthusiasts in mind. Heavily bolstered sports seats, adorned with a blend of leather and Alcantara, promise a mix between a racing feel and a luxury finish.

The Abarth-specific infotainment system converges information with entertainment. With bespoke graphics and access to performance data, drivers remain connected and informed on the road. Moreover, the system allows for personalised control over the vehicle’s sound generator. This enables drivers to tailor the artificial engine note to suit their preferences.

Beneath its bold exterior and refined interior lies the heart of the Abarth 600e’s performance. Propelled by a front-mounted electric motor, it delivers an impressive 237bhp to the wheels. This power is managed through a mechanical limited-slip differential and high-grip tires, co-developed with a Formula E supplier. 

While specifics regarding pricing and availability remain undisclosed, anticipation for the Abarth 600e’s debut is building. Hitting the market in the latter half of the year, automotive enthusiasts can expect a price tag exceeding £40,000. With its fusion of heritage, performance, and contemporary design, the Abarth 600e is poised to leave a lasting impression on the automotive landscape. 

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