Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport collaborate on the most powerful Abarth model to date

  • Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport team up for a powerful Abarth, combining electric innovation with racing expertise.
  • The Perfo-eCMP platform targets top-tier electric vehicle performance standards.
  • Emphasis on technical excellence, including advanced brakes and Formula E-inspired tires, promises an exciting driving experience.

Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport join forces to redefine emobility with the most powerful Abarth model ever

The focal point of this collaboration is the development of a cutting-edge platform named Perfo-eCMP. This innovation is a synthesis of Abarth’s electrification ambitions and the racing expertise of Stellantis Motorsport. The platform is a testament to Abarth’s technological commitments. while maintaining its dedication to high-performance driving.

Dubbed ‘the most powerful Abarth ever’ this upcoming vehicle will boast an impressive 240 hp. However, the collaboration is not merely a pursuit of raw power. It requires the fine-tuning of every technical aspect to ensure a balance between performance, safety, and driving enjoyment.

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Key features of this effort include an advanced braking system designed for enhanced power and stability, featuring larger brake discs for improved heat dissipation. The incorporation of a unique limited slip differential, specially crafted for Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) powertrains, contributes to the overall enhancement of dynamic characteristics.

The project draws on the wealth of experience from Stellantis Motorsport, particularly in Formula E competitions. As such, the tires, derived from Motorsport’s Formula E expertise, promise maximum grip without sacrificing range or acoustics. The exterior and center area of the tires, with a softer compound tread, aim to deliver additional grip during cornering, while a polyurethane insert contributes to a notable 20% reduction in perceived noise levels.

Internally, the vehicle will feature high-comfort seats with racing ergonomics, providing a comfortable ride even during extreme journeys. Crafted from four different foams for optimized support and durability, these seats embody the collaboration’s emphasis on lateral support through an enveloping shape.

This venture marks a significant leap in Abarth’s electrification journey, showcasing not just innovation but a steadfast commitment to delivering an unparalleled driving experience. Stellantis Motorsport, with its extensive history in racing, adds a layer of credibility and expertise to this collaboration.

Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport aim to redefine standards in the electric automotive world. The Perfo-eCMP platform, with its synthesis of cutting-edge technology and racing legacy, holds the promise of reshaping perceptions of what high-performance electric vehicles can achieve. As developments unfold, the automotive world eagerly awaits the unveiling of this ambitious project.

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